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IGN moderated because of religious reference

My IGN has been in the moderated stage since Thursday, May 7, 2020. It took nearly two weeks to get a response.

I wonder how Ludia differentiate between Religion and Mythology. Raijin in Japanese Mythology is the God of Thunder, Christianity is a religion. I wonder how many in Ludia’s player base have mythological names, should they also be moderated. I have had my IGN since June 2017 and this boggles my mind. Ludia please show me your TOS showing that mythological names or religious refernce cannot be used. Release my IGN from your name jail.


Well that’s just misplaced priority

Thor is the God of thunder too. Maybe ban Thoradolosaurus from the game then?

Censorship is for the weak and ignorant

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Pats fist to chest