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Ignored Giants

These beautiful giants are so ignored. Nothing Epic or Legendary about them!

Look at the counter attack Nodopatotitan, what a joke!


stego is still used, it could not be Ignored, since She had a very good remake of her moves, but giga and nodo haven’t get that remakes, probably moves like ardentis or gemini colud be good, replacing the shaterring and definitive moves with rampages X3 or X2, to compensate the armour, and a decel or vulnerability counter could be good, even if only gives the effect but not damage output, also encreasing attack maybe to 1100 or 1200 will make them relevant in the arena.
Only my opinion :grinning:


Given that none of them have any sort of fierce, I would not put in a shattering move. I would add better counter attacks (Nodo could get medium resilient counter and Giga Maximal Counter attack) and a different Moveset.


i am saying that ardentis and gemini has definite and shaterring moves, but because nodo and giga have not fierce components, they can get rampages X2 or X3

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Remake of Giga and Nodo




Ok. I thought you were saying that they should get stuff like DSR or TSR. I understand what you mean.

This entire family is living proof that being resilient does not automatically make a dino OP (and that resilients can definitely be balanced). Except for Stegodeus, these could all use buffs.

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Here is my buff for Nodopatotitan
download (55)


But that would make it good! Ludia can’t have that

Ooooo I’m really liking that Nodopatotitan. I would even be ok with losing the counter in exchange for swap in slow. If too strong, they could also nerf the armor to 20 or 30% and/or remove the distraction resistance.

My changes for them 3

download (4) download (3) download (2)
This gives them more dmg output, mostly nodotitan and nodopato. giving gigaspika long needed immunities. if giga ever got this change i would reuse her again ( i have her at lvl 30 from before class update nerfing her for no reason)

Would like to see old Stegodeus in current meta. :grin:

i will say that is good gigaspika to have desvastation because amargasaurus is one of the components, with is related closely with bajadasaurus, with haves devastation, reduced armour to have a balance with the counter and the heal

i gived him 2 group decl moves, because we know that in pvp it will not be as good as gemini or ardentis, it could be better in raids so that he could do two decelerations to minions.