Iguanodon lost his cleanse power?

Hi there, something wrong with Iguanodon dinosaur, he lost his cleanse power seen when attacked by Lethal wound (by Suchotator) :cry:

The question is why you are using Iguanodon :joy::joy::joy:

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You should read the patch note…
Superiority strike is no longer a complete cleanse move.
It could only clean up distracting effect.

Iguanodon always cleaned the lethal wound completely, until last update of Jurassic Alive.
Why do I use it ? Nothing special, just because I like it.

Like Tarbo said, read the patch notes. It’s been known for months that superiority strike would be nerfed to only cleanse distraction and nothing else.

I love the creature triceratops, and I Don’t have it in my team.

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