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Iguanodon Lovin


Please, please, please Ludia do something with the poor Iguanodon. I have almost 34000 DNA of this unfortunate creature who I’m starting to feel sorry for. Every time I see one (which is every few minutes) I feel the need to catch it as I don’t want it to be lonely anymore. Does anyone have any uplifting Iguanodon stories they could share please? #teamIguanodon


I feel the same way about poor Lythronax! They are everywhere around me, and starting to feel about them the way you do Iguanodon.


Lythronax/Iggy hybrid I feel!


And styg gen 2…and that poor purr… Something

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Purrussarus could have been great but they gave it such bad stats. I hope the crocs in this game get a buff at some point - the epic Gryp was a joke

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I thought this was pretty uplifting iguanodon story :man_shrugging:t4:


I feel better already. Thanks!

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Iguanodon is actually one of the earliest named dinosaur for human.

Here’s a concept illustration of Iguanodon vs Megalosaurus in late 19th century.

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I feel this way with parasauolophus. It does help that I need to make paramoloch for collection sake. But I just love it.


I can only dream of paras right now! They are rarer than the rarest rare thing imaginable over here in the UK

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Pidgeys and rattatas.

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Yep, before the update they were everywhere though, regret not darting them all now

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I don’t miss those days


Got excited earlier as managed to acquire 8 para DNA in a 3 hour incubator


illuminati confirmed :ok_hand:t2:


@Calebrys: Weren’t you Level 17 almost going to Level 18?


Not in the UK… In your spawn zone… There are areas in the UK teeming with Parasaurolophus! Take a look at this, it might enlighten you…


throwback photo haha, I knew that iguanodon screenshot would come in handy :joy:


i dont think ive ever darted one. it’s still level 15 with 7k leftover.


I collect the billions of iguanadons, and purra, and dracos, and lythros…because…well…maybe…someday…if I close my eyes and wish really hard…

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