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I haven’t seen the Friday spawn, Iguanodon, on my map since the event spawns switched. I can see the area spawns, and the common, everywhere spawns, but not the Iguanodon. I have restarted my game several times. It’s been 2.5 hours since one was visible.

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Maybe start a giga scent and see if it appears?

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Done that, it’s been 2 hours with a giga scent and it’s not appeared. It was appearing today before the event spawns changed.

Pretty sure Daily exclusives don’t appear with Giga Scents. You may have to go for a walk to see one.

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It just seems odd not to see one at all in about 4 hours, when I could hardly keep up with the Nundasuchus spawns yesterday. I’ve now seen 4 Iguanodon in the 7 hours since the event spawn change.

I’ve seen at least 10 today.