IguanoDONATION - earn money per junk DNA

Inviting all to my alliance to make money per donation trash DNA like Iguanodon :slight_smile: More members - more money per day!

How is iguanadon trash if it was datamined that it’s getting a hybrid??


It’s a tactic. :joy: He hopes someone don’t know about future hybrid so he can get tons of iguano


Oh, really?! Don’t know that :slight_smile:

Yeah prob lol I don’t get it though eventually alliance v alliance has to be coming and we will need to actually strengthen our members not pillage them!? :sleeping:

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Based on your level, this tactic can actually be used to gather upto a max of 15K coins/day for almost everyone.

Decide on an easily available common/rare dino. Everyone requests for the same dino. People start donating max DNA from their pool to the requested players. They in turn donate it to others ,so DNA cycles within team but at the same time earning everyone coins.

Again this is under assumption, the Alliance’s main goal is to get coins for everyone and usual DNA requests go unfulfilled!

Its kind of balanced if you think about it, lol. Pick one or the other.

Occasionally we do that on our Alliance… with Hatzegopteryx DNA for example

Yes! That’s it! I’ve been in some alliances, and can’t them explain the goal - each member request some useful DNA and almost nobody want to donate that dna’s. No DNAs, no money - what is the goal of those alliances?! That is why I created my own alliance for that purpose :slight_smile: but nobody wants to join at that time :joy: