Iguanosuchus: Stats and Evolutions

Hey guys, this creature took me a lot longer than usual to max out… Lots of DNA, so I waited for a couple of sales before getting all 8 of them required to max it out. But I didn’t forget about y’all!

Without further adieu, here are all of the stats for Iguanosuchus at Level 10/20/30/40:

Here are all the evolutions for this creature:

Here are two better quality pictures from photo mode to show the maxed creature on both two and four legs:

What do you guys and gals think of this one?? Iguanodon was always one of my childhood favorites, so of course you know I’d like this hybrid… Only thing I don’t like about Iguanosuchus is the price tag, but it’s nice to finally have it maxed out.


well maybe is weakest tournament herbivore hybrid, but is still prety usable and i like his “like dragon” appearence


I like it’s design when compared to any other herb, mainly because the color scheme is so different.

I do like the scaley look to her, I just wish her stats were better/more unique. Maybe more on the glass cannon end, since we only have Stegno. Because of how weak she is, I won’t be rushing to get her to L20.


One of the weirdest things in this game is the super inaccuracy of facts sometimes. Rhinoprotodon eats fish instead of plants. And this one eats plants instead of meat :joy: :rofl:


Ι like the colors and body of it, but I got disappointed with the head of it. It doesn’t reminds me of a crocodile. Instead, it looks very similar with a bird, especially a dodo head. I think that they should have added at least some teeth, to make it more crocodile-like.


He’s my favourite design in the entirety of JWTG. Something about his colours, body, and scales makes its design pretty unique. Would have definitely preferred it was an amphibian but eh, no use complaining since it looks amazing.