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IIT Shield not working

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Bug Description: Instant Invincibility Taunt Shield doesn’t block attacks

Area is was found in: Arena (Aviary)

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Alloraptor subs into Tryko
Step 2 - Tryko uses IIT, Alloraptor use High Pounce
Step 3 - Watch as the Pounce hits thru the shield
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Only once so far

What type of device are you using: iPhone 7+

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


There is also the possibility the shield didn’t load at all and that could also explain it

For me too. Tryko invincibility shield not working.

Happened for me aswell. Pulled Instant Invincibility against Magnas Distracting Impact, and it went right through.

Same with both my Ardentismaxima and ardontosaurus

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It’s the nerf that everyone wanted! Just seen it happen twice in a match.

To err is human, to make this many mistakes and bugs is Ludia.


Happened to me too

YES!! This is ridiculous!

“Hey guys, we fixed Invincibility! It used to shield for 2 turns, now it’s 0! We deserve a raise!”


Though I haven’t been using the shield on my maxima lately to give others a chance at beating it, I didn’t want II to become useless.

We need you to solve this problem and reset the PvP trophies so as not to harm those who lost the fights after the seasonal change.

2 alliance members are telling me erlidom hit through instant invincibility now. One member said dioraja didn’t block any damage, the other member said maxima didn’t block any damage

Ardentismaxima shield in PVP does not load at all.


Yes. Erlidom just hit through trykos invincibility shield. I thought maybe I hit the move a second too late but that’s obviously not the case.

Sounds like Ludia’s trying to figure out how to deal with turns. It ends up going 0 turns or 1 turn because probably they changed the definition of a turn in the program. All they’d have to do is just revert it to how it was before 2.0, but keep 2.0’s style for raids.


Happened to me twice on the same match. Once on my side and the other on my opponent’s.

That’s the damage from the group decel rampage that the shield didn’t block


Best fix ever.


I had Tryko opponent had Thor. I decelerated Thor knowing it would use priority stun as it’s next move (health left 1580) I used instant invincibility… Thor went right trough with priority stun. Who’s been messing up the codes?!

No it doesn’t work at all. I was quicker, didn’t block

Better than 2 turn


Brilliant isn’t it :smiling_imp: