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IIT still blocks 2 attacks

I just did a friendly with Dadjokes, he unfortunately cannot post at the moment, so I took his youtube recording to share here.

As you can see, IIT still blocks 2 attacks even though Ludia said it would be fixed.


it’s supposed to block two attacks.


No :clap: it :clap: is :clap: not :clap:


They changed the wrong thing… With II still being this way you still won’t be able to revenge kill without a shattering move lol

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Qiew literally quoted to you what Ludia said is supposed to happen. Like it or not (I personally do not) but those words are literally in the patch notes.


Look at the above again. 1 turn for max and 2 attacks.

That video shows 2 attacks 1 turn.

The start of the turn for that move is when max uses instant invincibility and ends when it absorbs two hits or takes its next turn.

In that video both gorgo attacks happened in between that turn. Instant invincibility lasts for two hits or until the user attacks again.

Not saying it’s balanced but it’s clearly “working as intended”


What has actually “changed” to IIT? Why mention it in the update?


No-one is trying to “spin” things here. I’m one of the last people to be on Ludia’s side, but even I can see in the release notes how they now define turns for IIT. The turn used for the IIT is not considered as the first turn.


It takes a max of two hits instead of 4 it’s a pve change

it was blocking 3, sometimes up to 4 attacks. it was encountered when doing “and run” moves combined with swap in damaging moves.

It always stated 2 attacks

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Dude it’s even difficult for me :joy: and even if it actually is 2 attacks there’s still problems that go along with it, putting it on good dinos, and then that move specifically altering revenge killing. You can’t revenge kill IITers without priority or shattering moves…

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It was never blocking 4 attacks lol

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:mag: :eyes:


It was blocking up to 3 in the arena. I have no idea what the official statement is on about. Maybe they’re correcting a bug from the raids, because apparently it used to block more than 2 attacks in raids. But even then, that’s a bug, not a design change.


My bigger gripe with it now (per the clip) is that the shield is still disappearing too early.

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i was just going by what Ludia said. they said it was blocking 4 so…

I guess it’s safe to assume that it was blocking 4 in raids then, because no other explanation makes sense.