I'll be back when the tank meta is over

It’s exhausting and I’m done with it. Oh boy… another level 28+ stegod, ooh… a 26/27 trago… snore. So slow, so tedious, so monotonous. I’ll battle for incubators but fair warning -

open with stegodeus and I’m setting the phone down and walking away.

You have been warned.

Ludia, please hurry and do whatever you have planned - or at least tell us what you have in the works!


What tank killers are you running?

I have a L26 indo, a L27 gorgo, a L27 stegod myself, I sometimes use my L23 trytonix, L22 monomimus can be effective, but I’m saving all that dna for a possible unique.

It’s just the same thing, again and again and again…


lockwood? i feel like there are fewer up there. might run into stegodeus. tragodistis is rare. usually the unique dilo, indoraptor, monomimus, tryostronyx is what i face :eyes:

Yeah, Lockwood. Can I face your opponents? I swear I get one or both every time. (stegod and trago).

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I believe after the Halloween event,on Monday will have announcements(this is my personal opinion).
So for the Meta-Tank there should be a little changes on their skillset but with so many overleveled stegodeus they should make easier to create tank-busters like Tryko or give more Hybrids to oppose them.


well bleeders are coming. any other company running this game would give notes about when the ss nerf is actually going to come. then there should be less. hoping i can get spinotasuchus up to like 22 or 23 by then.


I’m hoping the superiority strike redefine is true. Bleed it and send them running…


Those are some very good dinos. Is Tryko on the horizon for you? I have a lot of fun with these tanks when i have him. I like my Tryos for this reason too but he is 24. I am also in Lockwood fwiw.

I agree with you. It is getting really boring with these high level stegod. A change must be made soon.


I’m right there with you man!

It has gotten soooo boring and monotonous…

Not gunna lie, I’ve closed the app when I Run into leading stegods/tragos In back to back games too…

Be patient, take your free win… I’m going to do literally anything else with my time


I see ankylosaurus once in a blue moon… kentrosaurus even less. Tryko is not likely to ever be made, honestly - unless Ludia changes spawns.


it’s just because it’s so easy to make and over-level stegodeus. all of it’s components were anytime global spawns. tragodistis never really appealed to me so mine’s only 16 and i don’t use it. para is also hard to get and i save it for touromoloch.

you really need probably an equal level tryostronix to compete. but it’s components are much harder to find. my stegodeus is 28. highest tryo i’ve seen is like 24. every time someone starts that i’m like “ok, i’ll trade 40-60% of my health for your whole dino”. the counters just haven’t caught up yet.

I face tons of 26, 27 trago in lockwood, as well as many 26-29 stego - i agree @Rantz.

Only incs for me.

Been tank meta for both tourneys.

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i have a 25 monomimus, 27 indoraptor, 24 gorgosuchus and 23 monostegotops (mainly for nullify). so half my team can take the shield/invincibility off. they aren’t so tough then.

bleeders will change a lot i think. spinotasuchus will be great. they will have to swap out. you get a free hit on whatever they bring in. and at 129 speed most likely get to hit again, or swoop. it will change the game a lot i think.


I just leveled mine up to 27 yesterday but even when it was younger, I avoided starting with it just because the games get dull on that side too.


Definitely looking forward to it :slight_smile:

just need 225 more to get gorgo to level 25. i think we got 2 epic incubators this weekend and can hopefully get it from those. then all kapro goes to spinotasuchus. a lot of strike outs on night kaprosuchus hunts :sob:

my spino is only level 18. i guess level isn’t sooo important, but that’s probably not good enough for lockwood.

The gorgosaurus event coupled with the gorgosuchus one was perfect for me. With the coin I have now, the 2 epic events and a couple days of spinning… :smiley: L28, here I come.


Id recommend at least 22, if only for the hp.

And kapro annoys me - feast or famine. :neutral_face: