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I'll create your hybrids (stats, attacks, etc.)

Hello there, i am TerrifficusaurusII, the guy who is too well known in another topic, so, since i am bored here in quarantine, i can help you create your hybrid!

  1. No Mammal+Dinosaur hybrid, i may be bad at making that sort of hybrid.
  2. If you dont like the stats and moves i made for your hybrid, just say that and i will remake it.
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So non in-game creatures are good?

Yes, though you must show what that non in-game creature looks like before i make a hybrid out of it

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So then let’s try Cedarosaurus x Olorotitan. These two look like this:


Ok! consider taking some time to wait, because it may take a while

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Here ya go! took some time to make but it was worth it!

Cedarotitan stats


Did you just draw the sketch and use the fill tool? Also, you can import your drawings into the toolbox to use them as the dinosaurs picture

even then, it would just appear stretched or thin if i uploaded it


Crop it then

Is this inspired?

Could you do brachi + sino?

Can I have concavenator + Baryonyx?

Sorry this may be an overload of hybrids, but if you have time could you do kaprosuchus and dimorphodon?

Ok! though i must draw the requests by order, so it might take a little long but be patient.

Here ya go!

Brachio stats
sorry if the silhouette looks thin

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Done and done!

Bary stats
I didnt posted a silhouette because i’m afraid it would end up as the same result as the previous one

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Wolly Rhinos + Darwinopterus + Sinoceratops?

Ok, but i need to first make the Darwin + Rhino hybrid first before adding in Sino


Nice! Thanks @TerrificusaurusII

No problem!