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I'll draw concepts for JWA

I like drawing dinosaurs, so I will be happy to draw any concepts!

I want concovenator Plus Argentinosaurus. Must have Sauropod body, Concovenator head, And concov hump. All I need.

Actually that’s a really cool hybrid concept. Plus it could become something in game.

Yeah really can’t wait for him to come out, but can you do stats?

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Inosis: Fuse with Titanis and Inostherium

What colours would you like for this hybrid?


She looks Beatiful! I don’t mind the colors, so you color her any way you want!

How you like these stats?

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Nice! Lover her attacks and stats!

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Here is Inostornis!


She looks really Nice.

I believe is Inosis. Can I also have it color?

So My next Request Is Indominus Rex + postosuchus.

This look good?

Would you like it brown and grey like its ingredients or blue, black or any other colour?

Yeah, just change the name to indominosuchus, because indosuchus was an actual dinosaur.


Oh. Ok

Beak: Orange

Body and Tail: Grey, Brown, and White

Claws: Gray

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I’m really happy with this


Euoplocephalus + Dimetrodon? Can you? Color it how you like.