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I'll draw you hybrids ideas

So just submit your hybrid idea and some details about it and ill try my best to make them thelll take a while tho cause they take a while

Hi @anon46561117 ! Can you please draw a Spinosaurus gen 2 and dakotaraptor hybrid? It’s name should be spinoraptor and I want the spine and feathers and raptor base.

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ok ill start woking on it

alright @vineshjaguar here ya go your finished spino raptor

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Thank you @anon46561117 ! It looks great!

no problem it was also really fun doing it

alright so who wants me to do there hybrid next

Me!!! Do thylocotator body with tyrannolophasaur Crest a troodon claws haast eagle wings sino horn titanboa fangs t rex attacks and head of allosino the feet of indoraptor and can camoflouge

ok this is gonna take a while ill update you when its done

Thx the largest request I think of

Alright @Din0.dude you finished ultimate dino

LOL!!! I love it

I didn’t know what you meant when you said troodon so I just put troodon arms on the front

Also I’ll start working on the aquatator

Tail instead of thylocotato tail

It’s fine I like it

also ill start working on aquatator

b tw could i get more details like what body type

The aquatator has aquatator body instead of feathers scales the jaw of irritator tail feathers snout of aquaraptor etc.

Ok got it bro