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Ill draw you hybrids ideas

Who’s next

Mortem + Magnus + hydra boa with the Mortem body

All right done sorry for the wait but here it is the ceraboa rex


Alright Who wants me to do theres next

Hey I make hybrids aswell but can you make carnotaurus plus dilophosaurus

K got it I’ll start on it

Here it is your Dilotaurus

Carnolophosaurus would be a better name…

Cool, pretty good

Welcome to the forum and my Hybrid Idea is Mortem Rex + Ceramagnus + Haast Maximus.

allright here it is sorry for not responding sooner forgot my pass word just rememberd it

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being honest i love this one

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Baryonyx + carnotaurus

here it is sorry for not responding sooner had stuff i needed to do but here it is

It’s way too awesome. What would be it moves though ?

I don’t know I’m not the one who thought of it I just designed it

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Whos hybrid is nex

Gorgotrebax + Refrenantem