I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas (Requests are now closed!)

I’d imagine the antlers are larger in size and maybe flatter? like the prehistoric rhinos horns, and that it would have more leathery skin

Inostherium, but with less fur, concav head and sail?

Wanted to make this thing as spiky as possible

Made a few mistakes upon uploading these images so sorry about all the Post Withdraw By Author


Sure? Just post it on JWA Artwork and tag me Please just don’t constantly tag me with artwork as that does get annoying

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what is JWA artwork

and it is this


Make a crocodile hybrid, based on a jwa crocodile, and the other ingredient would be Miragaia.

you could have just searched it or asked for a link JWA Artwork!, but I think it turned out ok!

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so just any crocodile? Hybrid or non-hybrid?

i tried to draw it my first hybrid drawing
Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 9.02.04 PM


My ideas for update 2.8 creatures :
Dimotavis = dimordactylus + Argentavis
Albertocephalus = albertosaurus + amargocephalus
Suchotherium = suchomimus + andrewtherium
Kaprocurus = kaprosuchus + megistocurus
Ceraphicyon= nasutoceratops + scutophicyon
Titanomoth = brontotherium + tsintaomoth


the mighty Dimotarvis! an idea by @Altithorax_Perotorum


Should’ve posted in JWA Artwork,but you did Spinocon’s work.

its fine, I do like the artwork @Marcelo!

I just ask that the re-draw posts or request drawings by others doesn’t become a constant thing, I don’t mind it being posted time to time, just not constantly pls!


So guys, this drawing came from the idea of Altithorax_Perotorum in the update post 2.8, I didn’t want to steal the idea from anyone, I’m sorry for posting here, I liked the drawing so much that I wanted to show your guys

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Can you send the link? I have a lot of ideas for creatures to draw

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Here: JWA Artwork! - #6418 by TerrificusaurusII

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Erlikogamma but in JWTG level 40 style

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Commentary for a drawing is above the image here

Maybe more color on this thing? idk

I would guess this thing can go on all 4 faster than 2, and I did attempt to use the JPB megalania if anyone noticed

tried to give it the most colorgul crest I could as it does have the crest from 2 avian dinos now

idk what I did here

had some weird de ja vu drawing this thing and i don’t know why…

Had some art block when it came to color with this guy

also had art block with this entire thing in general lol Kinda lost with what to do with this thing, I’d imagine its simply the non-hybrid component with fur, more muscles, and the odd colors?


Wow awesome

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Awesome art work snake


I really like the colors on the one with the Ceratopsian head.