I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas (Requests are now closed!)

New ideas! I really wanna think of more things before you close them for good ;w; Would you be able to do dinos that aren’t in jwa? i have a few that i wanna do (Sauroposeidon, Supersaurus) both sauropod i like


of course! There’s been loads of requests that involve creatures that sadly aren’t in game yet, such as a request I’m working on with a deinosuchus, I may get to someone’s request which involves star wars themed creatures so… yeah, but a heads up to anyone I suppose before this closes, if you’d like a specific creature to be used for a hybrid, say it. For example, edmontosaurus from JWE or deinosuchus from the isle, etc


For some reason i cant edit my original post

But its Bumpy + Megalogaia

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Yay, okay. i wanna do a hybrid with maxi and Sauroposeidon

take spikes and sails from this photo (Sauroposeidon) another one to add is also grylenken into the mix, with feathers and face.

Another hybrid i wanna do is Supersarurus and Spyx. Make it be able to stand up and it be like twice as tall. (may be the biggest thing i request LOL) Has Supersaurus base and huge size, spyx spine and feathers and long arm claws, i also want it to have spinocon fangs and a frill that can kinda stand out to act even more scarier. Also it will have two large spikes on the tail for deadly tail slashes. And for the last hybrid. Hasst maxi with Gem and mortem. Just go wild with it! I wanna see what you can do with it <3 (add fire with it tho : p)

And I think to myself what a wonderful thread c: may this be a place where we share are own artwork of are hybrids please snake dude

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That kind of seems like the purpose of JWA Artwork!


Dude. Snake_Dude is not getting paid for doing these requests. If he wants, he could quit right now. Be grateful that he is taking requests and drawing them.



That thing looks sweet, I like creatures like that.:relaxed:


uno reverse!

I feel this is a little off topic from the thread, maybe post this elsewhere?




Procerathomimus already exists in the game

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Please make one hybrid of carnotaurus and nasutoceratops with armor of ankylosaurus

I’ll wait for my hybrid

Hey , can you draw my hybrid idea :Anihilaceratops
Indominus Rex + Nasutoceratops , with red stripes on its back.



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