I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas (Requests are now closed!)

what is that… how do i say this? please and Xoxo.

Yeah perhaps, it’d be one long slideshow though lol, just gotta figure out how to do that for all to see since I assume people would like to see them all compared to one another instead of having to read through the entire topic


I think it’s a good idea

A google slides presentation would be SUPER cool, and we can share it as kind of the final post in this thread :slight_smile:
Snake I could possibly try and help although that’d take a long time

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it evolve to a armor snake

I have a question for @Snake_Dude: You drawn many snakes in the past, but do you actually own any real life snakes? Thought about that for a while now.


Hmm, can snakes be pets though….

Yes, definitely. In fact, there’s a decent number of people who do own snakes.


Why yes, yes I do, and that’s why I love them, I have an 8 year old ball python who I have had since he was a week or two old, and my love for reptiles branched off to dinosaurs so yeah, also have a leapord gecko, and I’ll probably edit pictures into this because why not

yes, definitely, absolutely



Looks like what Indoraptor could have been if it had Sorna raptor DNA, great drawing as always

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Fluffy boi

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Sad to see the great things go away over time.
Still, i am still surprised he has enough colours and paper to make all of these.



Snake_dude if you want me to post this in the main art I can, but I wanted to do this one request bc you weren’t going to
Kinda forgot the erlidom, oops


oh! i’ve found a cute tiny baby garden snake like last year. i picked it up for a tiny bit then put it down and watched how it went into the bushes c:


I have 8 snakes right now, but I used to have 22🤔 (baby snakes)

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It took me a solid 12 days to realize this hybrid has a full snake body and isn’t a spikey blob with a head and tail :sweat_smile:


Yeah it’s all good, as long as it isn’t constant atm. And I say atm because I have thought about how some have mentioned continuing doing requests themselves when I’m officially done with em, but still just thinking of it.

Peak satisfaction right there, sadly I’ve never seen any wild sneks myself, heard a rattle snake a few times, but I love picking up little alligator lizards in my yard and seeing them scurry off

Jealousy intensifies

I feel like this is a good and bad thing for me, on the one hand I did good for blending them together, on the other I might have done that a bit much to where its confusing… my bad… :sweat_smile:


Man, I wish I could edit my request, but unfortunately I am unable to edit my request, cuz I have another idea but can’t edit my old request :weary:

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Same here. I have an idea for a super hybrid with Astrogaia; with Areotitan at that; but it looks like it won’t be seeing the light of day.