I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas (Requests are now closed!)

I don’t think Snake_dude is going to be taking any more requests, but there are other artists in the thread JWA artwork who might be willing to draw your idea.


He said I could do A quick one.

And I did that one like two weeks ago.

No, I actually decided to draw it myself… check on the jwa artwork thread for it. You should see it there

@Snake_Dude , I was scrolling through this thread at some old posts… and I happened to see one person that kept spamming new requests like crazy…

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I remember those days lol

Draw ditto x10

You want me to draw 10 ditto’s from Pokèmon…?

yes, you’ve made the request

but now you have to wait, because I still have many more requests ahead of yours that have been waiting much longer, and that is if I even get to it


No that’s what he always said

From Ben 10

I saw a ded garden snek at a campout once… very sad


True… very true


@Snake_Dude I don’t know if you’ve realized this or not, but did you know this thread is larger than the custom creatures thread? I just found it ironic how the thread for requesting art for custom creatures is bigger than the thread for the custom creatures themselves :rofl:.


OH, well that’s quite the ironic achievement isn’t it? :joy: :smile:



do guys like it it’s a Arctovasilas + Spinoyx


gotta say i love this topic more than anything else. huge addiction to making hybrids of all sorts of living organisms, snake_dude is really doing great, ik i have lots of dino fusion ideas but it’s gonna be there for next time i decide to jump in the action

You broke it it’s supposed to be Mega Hybrid + Super Hybrid

True sorry but do you have a request