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I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas

I’m really bored in quarantine, and I like to draw, and I like Jurassic Park/World stuff, so I will just draw dinosaur related things. So, I will gladly listen to your ideas of a new hybrid creature(or just a creature) and I will try to draw it with the best of my abilities, I just need you to describe it. The more detail there is, the more it will look how you want it to. Thx

Here as some little samples of what I do
The original drawing I did of someones Deinoken hybrid idea:


I gotta say. Your drawing is good


Thank you!!!

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No problem. I got a lot of hybrids, and superhybrids in my Creature File collection for you to draw. I’m always open for hybrid designs


Erlikogamma plus a Dodo. I wanted it to be a therizino body, but idk what else



Edaphocevia + Sonorasaurus

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Indominus and tupandactylus? I would picture it having the medium or small pterosaur body with a tall, lengthy, torn crest. It’s mouth would be full of jagged, crooked, spiny teeth. The wings could be slightly tattered, it’s back and neck would be heavily armored just like the indominus. Perhaps it could have some quills on its neck.

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Here you go. Scroll down more of you want to see more.

Link:Creature file collection

You think you can?


Do you think you could draw a Shantungosaurus + Alankylosaurus hybrid? It could have the Shant’s body and the Alanky’s armor. It’s colors could be similar to Alanky’s, but would have dark purple splotches and spots on its back along with small, purple spines.

Photos you could use for reference (none of these are mine)



Not the greatest image, but I tried, lol.

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Here it is, idk, I just started with the erlikogamma body, gave it more feathers and the beak head like a dodo


That’s actually pretty close to what I was hoping for.

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I tried to do the sonosaurus body, with the pattern and head of the edaphoceria as well as the sail


Not sure about this one’s color design, but I think I did ok with all the other details, hope you like it


That’s exactly how I imagined it looking, amazing job, 10/10 :slightly_smiling_face:


Here it is, not so sure about how I interpreted it. I feel like I just made a galli a bit more bulky, gave it the color of ophiacodon, and the head of it


Could you please draw a mix between a MINMI and HUEHUECANAUHTLUS. Thank You!

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I love this one so much!

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You got discord? Can we talk there?

Nice. I like it

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