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I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas

Ok that would be great, and congrats on the tournament

(Body shape like Amphicyon, head, claws and tail of Marsupial lion)

(Just Thylacophicyon with bigger teeths)

(Stegoterabelodon-like mammal with smaller version of Monolometrodon armor and Sail)

(Beaked snake with feathers)

(Turtle with Eagle beak and Feathers on Neck and Tail)

(Turtle-like animal with Glyptodon tail)

(Vulture-like bird with Dodocevia colors)


Someone make a s-hybrid for megalotops



Thanks @Dark_Nekros

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No problem

@Darth_Nekros can you draw the megalotops s hybrid because I’m sure that @Snake_Dude is already tired from drawing and he deserves a 30min break

I’d rather not. I can not draw

I will get to your request eventually, I do these in the order requested and I’m still working on requests that have been waiting for months, and I do these in my spare/free time, so please be patient. And please don’t start asking other people to draw your hybrids on this thread


Thanks Snake_Dude

Imagine you walking and all of a sudden, you see this hybrid staring you dead in the eyes. It opens it’s beak and unleashes a horrible screech sound and while it distracts you, you see it pounce on you then that’s how you explain how you’re a ghost

Actually, it sounds like a move to distract opponents “Screeching Distraction” or something like that

what is the meaning of this? …

I do not know

understandable have a nice day


One last change to the roster if that’s okay with you. This one is to the Carno S-hybrid. Tupuxuara instead of Eudimorphodon to make Tupuxutaurus. So the beak, crest, winged arms, bright colors, and pycnofibers of its pterosaur ancestor on the Carnoraptor base. Pose would stay the same.

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WWWWWWOOOOOOWWWW I love the art stile and tell me what hybrids I should draw

Scorpius Rex and spinoconstrictor pls. Thx!!!

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that is a good idea