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I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas

Did I request this on my thread Bec I remember drawing this


sure, one final mind destroying creature to complete what I think is the trilogy?


Yup, but this one is different from the last few, So I present: The final challenge to absolutely challenge snake dude and his ability to combine animals.

So, for this challenge, you must combine every animal species(including un named) from the hell creek formation and the huincul formation.

So yeah, good luck! I think this might have less species than last time, and also he’ll creek has an unnamed mosasaur, so I thought that would be a neat thing to have in my final request. So good luck! Can’t wait to see what you do!


Ta-Da! Here she is, using different creatures from different games, the avian traits from our own dsungaripterus, priono from JWtG, and megalosaurus from JWE2, hope you like it


ayo didnot think you would draw it! as it was not a request per se. Incredible art dude, looks so good. So sad that this thread is coming to an end. I have always enjoyed your drawings.


That reall awesome drawing snake dude but this thread is gonna end I love all your drawing and here some of my request Tyrannolophosaur + sinoceratops = sinolophosaur, Diloranosaurus + smilodon = smiloranosaurus, skoolasaurus + miragaia = Miralasaurus, Carnotarkus + Dsungaripterus = Dsuntarkus, Glyptoceros + stegoceratops = Glyptoceratops that all my request

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Why do I have a feeling that I’ve seen this from somewhere?


Suchoripterus or did someone make a hybrid with a pterosaur, amphibian, and theropod?

megaloripterus. One of my hybrid ideas, consists of prionosuchus, megalosaurus and dsungaripterus. I drew it and posted in this page a few months ago.

There was a drawing in Deviantart that has like a Darwinopterus model

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You remember the username?

No, Apple was taking about about a different pterosaur hybrid.

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Excuse me for the moment

This one

It’s not mine by the way


Idk if you’ll get to this, which would my largest requests yet of ten ideas symbolizing October’s place as the tenth month, but I just wanna let you know that it was fun while it lasted, and I’ll definitely miss seeing the ideas here and your interpretations. So here’s my Farewell Requests and I think I speak for everyone here when I say a virtual farewell hug is in order.

  • Cycnocaulus: a superhybrid between Compsocaulus and Cycnorhamphus. Compy base with the beak and crest of Cycnorhamphus.
  • Grypoceratops: Gryposaurus base, Kosmoceratops horns and frills. I’m thinking light purple and magenta coloring for the head, and also a mother looking over her young.
  • Ouranogorgon: Calling back to an earlier hybrid I created, this is a superhybrid between Ouranonyx and Dinogorgon. Ouranonyx base with Dino’s head and fangs.
  • More realistic Suchoripterus redesign: Base genome would still be Dsunga, but the Suchomimus traits would be translated in the head, including a toothy beak. Suchoripterus would retain both crests.
  • Yanghchuanoripterus: Suchoripterus super hybrid with the Yangchuanosaurus. Yangchuanosaurus base with the beaked snout, crests, and wings of Suchoripterus. Coloration based on JP Institute’s design, plus red eyes.
  • Nanuqomimus: Proceratomimus and Nanuqsaurus hybrid with Procerato base, but made stockier and given a more tyrannosaur head. Plumage would be white on dark green, making it an ideal predator for snowy taigas. I’d also like to see it stalking a reverse Megalogaia you did for Altithorax. I just love that alternate design to bits.
  • Velalces: Velaketios based super hybrid with the fur, ears, and antlers of Cervalces.
  • Megarhinosaurus: A revamped, more realistic version of Pachygalosaurus; Megalo base like before, but brings in more attributes from Pachyrhino.
  • Erliphoplites: Erliphosaurus based super hybrid (with two crests instead of one like in JWTG) with Peloroplites osteoderms. Though not as colorful as its ancestor (being dark green and gray), Erliphoplites would retain the vibrant frill.
  • Ambelotops: Megalotops base with the tusked mouth of Ambelodon.

I think i also made a lot of request around summer-early fall. i’d love for them to be done, probably why i’ve ran out of ideas too. I’m still sad for this thread to end and i’ll will dearly miss it all! (Yes another me being sad about this thread. but really, I’ll miss it a lot. Like it’s my reason to ever even check on the forums. And i’ll hope that my request to update my profile pic maybe by snake to be done, but it’s fine that it doesn’t get done.)


I’ve got some good news, I think, I don’t know, you decided, but its about completing all the requests requested before the sad closing. Firstly, I think I’ve decided to extend the closing to new years, may not be long but its something eh. Secondly, this is merely a possibility, so that I can maybe complete all requests before the deadline, I may simply not color some requests. I’ll try to color them still, but if I simply don’t have the time/patience, I may simply have them sketched out and/or pen outlined, also may used pencil to create some patterns and shading and such. Better to try and complete all the requests in black and white rather than possibly only illustrating some and ditching the rest.
Also, for those who requested one, I’ll definitely use some blank paper and colors and such for the requests that are requested for profile pics

And thank you all for your support, I’m glad you all understand, I give you all a virtual hug again :heart:


I also have done the same things, though I’ll add that coming up with just 10 ideas was a huge load for me to juggle considering the ideas I have previously posted, and all the potential ideas for original hybrids, redesigns, and alternative hybrids (I’ve done this previously with Entelolania being a super hybrid between Entelochops; then renamed Teratomoschari; and Meio, a Carnoraptor (Raptotaurus) super hybrid with Eudimorphodon; later changed to Tupuxuara; and Edmontoguanodon as a hybrid between Edmontonia and Iguanodon instead of a Segnosuchus redesign). I already was making a big list with 10 hybrids symbolically representing October and feel like making 20 final ideas; since Snake also made this forum on the 20th; would just be overkill.

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@Snake_Dude i will miss ur drawings a lot as i liked them a lot thanks for sharing these amazing drawings


Hugs Thanks for the support man