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I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas

So, I believe there are 38 basic different animations. Idk if this is how many there are, but its as many as I counted. idk if I should still make a poll or not, but here are the animation of the dinos(some animations I just called after a dino, ex rex for that classic bite-bite-JP rexy roar stance)
Rex, indo, croc, spino, big sauropod, snakes, baryonyx, raptors, anky, trikes, amphibians(diplovenator), the yoshi rat, parasaur, eagles, terror birds, erliko/therizinosaurus, large pterasaurs, medium pterasaurs, little pterasaurs, the boars, turtles, sloth, small sauropod, rhino, dimetrodon, lythronax, smilonemys, deer, pachy, mammoth, dilophosaurus, dracorex, inostrancevia, gorgosuchus, buff lizards(creatures introduced with the revenge), stego, andrewsarchus, and the glyptodon. Am I missing any and do I still bother making a poll

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But it has apatosaurus model


i fail to see the similarity


it has the stego rig on it I believe

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Do an Pterosaurs how-to-draw videos, first Dimorphodon for the Small ptero animation then Pteranodon for the Medium ptero animation, final is Hatzegopteryx for the Big ptero animation, a bonus part is draw an super Impressive Pterosaurs hybrid ideas(if u agree anyway…)!! Well…i just gonna suggest anyway! Have a nicely day to u!!!

I’m just gonna have it be random, so just pick a number and we’ll see which one I do, because all my drawings are numbered.
Edit: I’ll check back on answers prob in 2 to 3 hours
Edit2: So, when the comment reaches 4 hours, Im gonna stop the voting and the top vote will have the process thing

  • 138
  • 139
  • 140
  • 142
  • 145

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which on is drawing #140 ?


Idk if this thing is capable of flying or not


So I just showed the pteranadon + Snek hybrid which is number 138, which I believe means that number 140 and 142 are @SpinyLiving 's dinos, and then 139 is yours.
Idk what I’m gonna do(if it’ll be a YT vid, just step by step pics, or something else) so I’ll figure that out

so kentrostega is the winning dino?


Yep, apparently. Congrats @SpinyLiving !!! Again, idk what I’ll do, I’m currently thinking about doing a step by step, a YT vid, or possibly a thing on insta. Any suggestions?

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If u have time, all
but if u only want to do 1, then YT video
u could make a poll

So, for 139 being 2nd place, I did this thing were I took a picture of each step, so here it is

Sketch of design while looking at reference pictures of both creatures:

Drawing the design with a pen over the pencil sketch while still looking at reference pictures:

Erased the pencil so that there is only pen:

Coloring in the blank drawing(with patterns of either each dino, or just one of them) and its done:


Yeah, so ummm, there’s a video on YT on how I drew the kentrostega, and the title of the video is: Drawing a hybrid: Kentrostega (Jurassic World Alive Forums). The channel is “Snake Dude” and I am sorry for the bad quality and my hand getting in the way. I have no clue what I am doing because I have never recorded a video for YouTube, so at-least I learned something. Anyhow, yeah there it is!!! Idk if I’ll ever do another one, but we’ll see.


Ceramagnus + Hadros lux
(Model depending on your idea)

Woolly Rhino + lythronax
It’s basically a lythronax covered with wool and a rhino horn on the top.

Uhm…i have been did the same ideas(i’m not copy anyway…!) before but yours version looks okay than mine :smiley:

just a coincidence!!!
That’s Acanthostega + Kentrosaurus but I named it Kentrocanthosaur(means Spiked spine reptile)


Koolasauras JWTG + ardenismaxima

I’m fail to imagine how it is looks like :joy:

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