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I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas

I love their traits, this is beyond what I believed how they would look, definitely saving these permanently lol

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Thank You!!! I can see the differences, especially the fact I’ve used so many different pens and pencils for these lol

No wait, could you go edit your comment with a drawing of your flying cassowary eagle(poukandactylus) and place the request there? I am worried that the update may come soon this week(release of the new dinos and such) and I can’t catch up that quickly on 27-30 days worth of requests. Sooo, if you can edit your comment with the drawing u did with this request, I can see it earlier b4 the update comes since I’m in that general area of requests rn

do you mean edit in that same comment and put the ankylodicurus request there?

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yes please, so I don’t mess up the order of requests and so that I don’t get to the request by the time the next update is out


ready, changed :smiley:

that sucks. i just wish i could draw with a fraction of the skill you have :frowning:

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with enough practice, anyone can learn anything :+1:(other than stuff like sorcery and such lol)

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true, i tried drawing for so long. (like a year, which for my hobbies, is insanely long.) i only ever got one good drawing out there, and now its gone :frowning:


just another draw it in ur style thing I guess


So I imagine it would have the armor on its tail and shell like shown and maybe have the teeth of sarcorixis since I think it would look better like that


honestly, i wouldnt be mad if it looks like that. thats a cool drawing

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Thats whats i actually imagine

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A Unique hybrid, based on Tryostronix and Acrocanthosaurus.

It’s a black and red hyper fierce carnivore.
Really muscular, the arms are long as Tryostronix’s arms, but jacked and thick. The midsized claws are thick and robust. Can walk in 4 members too.
It’s silhouette is somehow a resemblance of a T-Rex and Spinosaur (without that big sail thing in the back, of course). The head isn’t so longlined as a Spino/Tryos, it’s broad and bony.
Just like the Tryos, this creature looks like it was wearing a “bone armor” with the white skeleton skin style. The predominant color is black (like Acrocantho), with some details in Tryos-fashion-red.

It’s bigger than Thoradolossaurus, stronger than Tenontorex. But slower than both.
Release the kraken :sunglasses::t_rex:

Not sure about the Gigalophoraptor (I really dislike the TenRex head) but Giganotosaurus NEEDS TO BE IN THE GAME!

Really cool creature, and besides being just a T-Rex rival, it does have it’s own flavor. Also, would be really useful in raids.

Hey @Ludia make this happen!

Utahraptor + trex

Dakotanops please!

Guys ankylodocuris or something like that and dakontops are in game

I am drawing what I think they’ll look like since we have no idea what they fully look like(color, full design, etc etc) and actually are not in game yet, but soon