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I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas

I gave him such an odd crest didn’t I?


Yeah you did. Not bad tho

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Koolabourgiania+indominus rex g2=pterodominus
Koolabourgiania body,larger wing,white,has many horns on it’s head and has red eyes just like indominus rex

Hybrid names doesn’t have to be a combination of the 2 of it’s parents like geminititan,poukaei,et c

How about gigapelta it’s made of a giga and saurapelta

Imma post my own drawing in about an hour if you wanna check back in. I think it’s really good for me.

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Anky + inostherium

Darwinipterus + haast eagle
Sea scorpion creature + Dakota rapter

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sauropelta isn’t in game so is giganotosaurus

If it isn’t in game, I just use the JWtG models, then JWE, then just other stuff I find on google unless there’s a specifically requested model


Also do you see my post from 2 day ago

yes I did, but there are other request, and I complete the requests in the order their placed so that everyone can see their creation

So the reason it took so long was because y9u had so much request?

Yes, I have completed 357 of them and there are more that still have not been done and more being added to the pile. This is just a hobby and I do these in my spare time so they don’t just keep popping out every minute of every day.
And if I do request that were just posted and ignore ones that have been patiently waiting that’s just upsetting


The model from JWE for the giga if it isn’t to much trouble

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I just want to say your drawings are what power me threw the day and what I look forward to every day after a long day thank you so much🥰

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Tgis is completely off topic your post will get flagged so if you want to showcase tour idea why not make a thread in the suggestions category

I presume this is towards dinokid and not me?
Just making sure since I can never tell who the comments made in my topic are for sometimes

It’s for dinokid not you


Here’ s my son’s new hybrids :


(Erlidominus + Indoraptor)


What’s flagged mean