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I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas

Ignore them, they are a troll probably and trying to annoy by spamming requests.

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@Dmimrti_Mihaylenko you are being very rude towards Snake_dude and should stop requesting, or request less often.

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I’m just trying to say that he should stop just irritating people

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He’s suspended, until May 10th.

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Oh okay I didn’t see.

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I bet that thing would be an “irritator. Get it, like the dinosaur? Come on, u have irritator in your collection.

Hi everyone, please remember to stay respectful toward other members and stay on topic so this wonderful thread doesn’t end up derailed :slight_smile:


Ok. Sorry.

Oh you’re replying suchomimid

After the past few days, I’m not sure if it would okay to make another hybrid request.

Well, it should be alright

as long as you describe what you want it to look like
Sure, sometimes I’d like to see some requests be creative and such, with no description to see what the artist can come up with

but as long as you don’t spam and at least vaguely describe how it looks like you should be A OK

but by all means do take a break if you need to, save the requests for a later day


I am ok with you guys continuing to do requests, its one of the things that keeps this thread alive. Just that it can get out of hand or very confusing or problematic when you do things like; spam requests or make your requests very very plain or something. One annoying thing tho I know for sure happens from time to time is when some place a request & like a few days/hours/something later ask “what about mine” please note there are many requests still waiting and I will get to urs eventually.So for example, requests like this are annoying and or problematic since I don’t know what you want:
-Entilorion (no description whatsoever of what its made of, what its suppose to be or look like, or anything, too vague)
-Stego gen 2 + cevia (its a non-existant thing plus something with the last name cevia and its kinda of an important factor to decided what the hybrid looks like)
Overall, I just want these requests to be understandable and doable, as long as u name the 2 “real” creatures you want a hybrid of everything should be good, and if u want it to look a certain way just describe it.
And by “real” I just mean something that I can find “easily” on google, pls don’t just list a most likely not well known creature or something without explaining what it is or providing an image
I don’t know how well I did explaining, I tried my best, so I guess if u have questions you can ask since i am probably missing a few things


Basically, if you want to request a hybrid, make your hybrid components clear, instead of cevia you can type Inostrancevia, or Edaphocevia

We’re all human here, not everyone knows your nicknames (it is safe to assume Rexy is Tyrannosaurus, but Raptor is vague; are you referring to Utah, Veloci, what is it)


yes like that thank you!

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The spinoconstrictor badge was given out to me in my mail box @Snake_Dude, just to let you know if you haven’t gotten it yet


thank you @Lukey , I made it my pfp the moment I found out it was in the mail lol
its perfect

Your welcome dude

I’m sorry?

Huh what? Also welcome to the forums

Well thanks for the words, PCR and Snake. I just don’t like the idea of you being frustrated or tired from all the requests and with the poor behavior of You-Know-Who, Snake. You both are real credits here to the forums.
And on an unrelated note and a very late response to the last request you did for me, I love how both designs turned out. And I don’t mind Entelolania losing her pointed ears to make her more reptilian. To me, that does perfect sense. All that’s missing is for their proper names (as I don’t quite know what the Anglicized version of “moschári” would be, and I want to give Entelolania alt a different name) and their descriptions.