I'll drop out


I have given up on ever getting over 3000 trophies. It’s never going to happen without spending money, and I’m not going to do that. So, I battle for DNA, just to see what I can collect. I’m also over all the stuns, and to a lesser degree, crits, and basically, if I get stunned, I’ll probably just close the app and let you win, though in a little more time-consuming fashion. It just doesn’t mean enough to me to stay and fight a battle I’m probably not going to win anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience if we meet and you bring a Stegoceratops.


Why don’t you just use an immune dino vs stegoceratops? I’m f2p and have gotten over 3500.


My immune dinos ARE WEAK


I have 2 immunes, and I use them when I can. Doesn’t take many hits to kill them though. I don’t give up when I have that matchup.


I’m over 3500 and I free play. You can get there, but it takes time. You’ll hit wall where it’s hard to advance without strengthening your team. Maybe take a break from the arena and focus on collecting. Steggoceratops is very common, and the person who plays it isn’t guaranteed to win. Stick with it and you’ll find ways to counter it. Good luck!


Collecting is such a slow process here. I don’t live in town, or near a park. I get maybe 5-6 dinos a day in my area, and they’re almost never good ones. I probably run into 1 epic a week. Maybe 2 if I’m lucky and in town a lot.


I feel your pain bud. Im in a smallish town but its not soo bad. I’ve actually had more fun playing this game than I have had with any other for quite some time. It does take a ton of patience though. I’ve got a decent team going but no uniques or anything. I kinda like that its gunna take me forever to get them… more time having fun and hunting. Try to stick it out if you can, but if not then no worries either. You dont owe us or Ludia anything as long as you’ve found something you enjoy.


I don’t mean to say I don’t have fun. I just know where I stand, and am good with it. I never manage to get above around 3050, but don’t fall below around 2700. I’m fine with that, and if I get annoyed with a battle because of stuns or whatever, I’m fine just dropping out and taking the trophy loss. Trophys are meaningless to me. I just collect what I can.


Not sure what the point you’re trying to make is in this post. It’s been mentioned countless times before by other disgruntled players that they don’t like stuns or crits or that they have a tough time making it to certain trophy counts. But then you say you’re fine dropping out and taking trophy losses since it is meaningless to you.

So why are you even posting about it?


Just making conversation, giving a fair warning, having a little light-hearted fun.