I'll give your custom abilities to custom creatures!

You show me a custom ability, I’ll make a creature for that ability. Here are the rules:

  • Please don’t share your own custom creatures here. There are other places you can send your creatures, and sending them here throws this place off topic.

  • The move must be balanced, since the creatures I’ll be making them for will also be balanced.

  • Do not give me a specific creature to put this move on, since that would be requesting me to make a specific creature, which isn’t what the topic is about.

  • I might slightly change an ability requested. This is just to make the move either look nicer or to make sure the move is balanced.

Remember to follow these rules. I’m looking forward you see what abilities you all have in store for me!


I would like a creature with a bleeding priority

Some moves :
Critical takedown = damage increase + rend

Lethal strike, impact and rampage (basically like lethal rampage and run)

Presistent decelerating strike, impact and rampage = Presistent ferocious strike + Deceleration

Allert strike and heal = strike + heal
Allert impact and heal = impact + heal
Allert rampage and heal = rampage + heal

Allert crush (flock move) = remove armor and shield, revive 1 member

Allert carnage = increase damage, dot 2 turns, nullification

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Screenshot 2021-09-12 12.43.01 AM
I use it on a ape I wonder what you will do with it and tag me when your done

This just looks like a swap in rampage. Could I name it that instead?

Here’s a custom move I made but haven’t gave it to any of my custom creatures

(this move is affected heavily by DoT resistance (which I just realized), so you can change it to rend if you want, I don’t mind! :slightly_smiling_face:)

yea sure 10

Hello?Can someone respond please