I'll just leave this here


Actually that meme is flawed. It talks about saving the game and not going broke, yet the guy that talked about selling skins gets kicked out the window, yet although not necessarily as important to the $$$$ players it would still generate money.

The last guy would need to suggest something that wouldn’t make money, or something more likely that players would want.


From what I’ve seen of this meme, the last guy usually says something more logical than the rest and about what consumers want. As for whether players would want skins, they (and me as well) do want customization that would not affect damage output. There’s even been talk on reddit several times about it, including this thread today https://www.reddit.com/r/JurassicWorldAlive/comments/cltw4k/how_to_monetize_jwa_properly/

Yeah i’m sure there are people that would like skins and stuff, but it would still help Ludia not go broke. Now bug fixes would be more appropriate. Anyway, not an issue, just didn’t feel the scenario did this meme justice, and i’ve seen many variations of this meme.