I'll make custom abilities and custom creatures in jwa toolbox!

I will make your custom abilities and add them to your custom creatures!
Any person can request custom abilities and custom creatures at any time! Start requesting!

@Ned would you like to request a custom ability and a custom creature?

Would you like a customer ability to go alongside it?



Revenge wounding rampage for a hybrid that does DoT
make it a phorurex+spinoconstrictor

I won’t do you your hybrid for 2 reasons.
1: there cannot be super hybrids fused with super hybrids.
2:Ludia won’t add your ability because wound won’t work with revenge.
For these reasons, you should change your request. @Din0.dude

Alloraptor and a random crewture

Hello can you please make a hybrid of thor and indoraptor please?

Hmmm, for custom creature…perhaps Dilophoboa + Kaprosuchus?

Would you like a custom ability to go alongside it? And also, what would you like for the second creature?

Well… I guess its up to you if its random :slight_smile:

Closed as per OP’s request