I'll make your creatures using Jurassic world alive toolbox creature maker

I really love using the Jurassic world alive toolbox creature maker, because of this I will ask anyone on the forums to request creatures. Here are some basic rules. 1. If requesting a normal creature, you must list the species scientific name. 2. If requesting a hybrid. You must say (insert creature here) + (insert creature here) and the name of the hybrid. And that’s the rules. And also, please tone it down on the indoraptor and indominus Rex requests as there will be too many and I can’t do them all. And that’s about it, anyways @Shaurya2010 @irritator246 @Saurophaganax18 @alloraptor @apple start requesting those creatures!

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How’s about Edaphosaurus + Lythronax (Edaphonax) and then + Albertosaurus (Edaphapergos)?

Make Ceratosaurus

image image
Here is your edaphonax and edaphapergos! @Saurophaganax18

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Do you want a ceratosaurus hybrid? @Dinosaur_attack

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@Irritator246 want a hybrid creature?

10 cha

imageI used postosuchus as a substitute for deinosuchus. @dinosaur_attack



Acrocanthosaurus + Wuerhosaurus (Wuerhocanthosaurus)
Wuerhocanthosaurus + Megalosaurus (Peltavenator)

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Oke 10 chars

What silhouette Should i use?

As long as both have a large theropod silhouette it’ll be good

I ended up using acrocanthops silhouette. image
Nothing to say.


can you make mine

Make a raptor and certosarus hybrid (certaraptor)

Make a hybrid of lythornax and pachyrhinosaurus, Packythornaxius

Alloraptor+erlkosaurus gen 2

Gamma plus Scaphognathus please @Albert_Bert

Guys, i promise you, i’ll get these done!