Ill never stop


Coming up with random ideas…

Would be could if as you leveled up your dinos they became more battle worn in appearance… claw marks… teeth marks… something along those lines


lol that would be cool
The new update: Battle Scars


I think players would prefer the artist made new dino’s. Adding age times 30 levels times 120 dinos would be really tedious for the artists. 10, 000 hours.

Making the games memory footprint 30 times bigger isn’t acceptable. Fbx is stored compressed so you can’t just add incremental changes. Probably needs it’s own in house graphics editor dedicated to that one task.

Well I wouldn’t do it.


Doesn’t have to be for all 30 levels… maybe every 5 or 10 it gets a different look… taking all that time to invest in leveling up dinos just for it to look like everyone elses… I think the could do something with it