I'll say it again ....and I'll say it again

I return here to say the same thing that I have always said since I joined this community, Many creatures need an urgent buff, I want to focus on this thread to Smilonemys, beyond being my favorite creature, it’s disappointing how every time they nerf it more and more, it was never tier s, I don’t want it to be, I just want to see it shine even for a while, I spent a lot of time getting itI took 6 months to get it, I bet everything I had on her, time passes and I don’t see why the nerf to her, it was never a problem and 3 months after her nerf I can say that it affects her enough her armor was what gave her that shine, really, I am not asking to make her OP, much less just to see her and say “she is a good creature” not to have to look for what can be saved from her, I will keep Smilonemys busy, but the only thing I ask is PLEASE take into account those creatures that are left behind and overshadowed by others, please take into account the effort of some players that it is not so easy to move forward, please.

It’s a shame to see creatures with potential overshadowed by other creatures that simply have gifted abilities.


It’s not just Nemys that has suffered the consequences of Ludia’s random nerfing rampages. Tons of dinos have been nerfed without any logical reason to nerf them, and without Boost Reset/Reshuffle as well. Either that, or dinos get too harshly nerfed.

This is how a lot of the playerbase feels after these most recent Updates. They feel disappointed at the fact that Ludia has nerfed (Or powercrept) so many of dinos they’ve used. Magna, Magnus, Lux, Morty (For a bit) Tryko, Nemys, Erlidom, Dsungaia, Monomimus, etc. What do these dinos have in common? They have fallen to the powercreep or have been nerfed unnecessarily. There was a Gp Article that dropped earlier today that discussed this issue. Here: Moving the Goal Posts: Why Ludia’s Balancing Strategy Will Be the End of the Casual Experience | Jurassic World Alive Wiki - GamePress


I remember the first time I had a team of all level 30 uniques (this was pre-apexes). I was excited and figured I was safe from nerfs for a while. The very next update nerfed three of them – max, orion, and nemys, none of which people were complaining about or calling OP. Ludia’s decisions baffle me sometimes.


I’d say their motivations are crystal clear: They’re hoping you spend real money on Boosts to keep up.

It’s a cash grab.

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Had anyone complained about Mortem? Several updates later, it became a different thing.

There is no long-term strategy for this game, because anything you invested can be changed in the next update.