I'll say it again


the battle matchups REALLY need work. my last 8 opponents have outranked me by an average of 200 medals…and their animals…they get animals that have 10 to 15 levels more than mine…and it refuses to give me my best ones.

I don’t need to win every time…but when you lose 4 to win 1, that’s going backwards way too fast…at least make it so it’s close and challenging.


Quick question… are you sure you’re in the right arena? lol the problem with bots has technically been dealt with… maybe youre facing players who have put more money, therefore have gained DNA quicker and have better dinos.

Also… maybe besides your dinos not being high enough level, your tactics aren’t up to par with the amount of trophies you have? I mean even though dinos are “animals”, nobody really refers to them as dinos :sweat_smile: that is why i’m asking about your tactics lol

Im just trying to see where you stand to know if we can help you somehow lol


Possibility 1

You only get people with about the same Trophies … or Bots, if nobody like that is on.

Possibility 2

The range is larger, but you only fight humans.

People complained about 1 … so we have 2 now.


Hi CARDISpilot1971. Would it be possible to share a screenshot of your team and mention the Arena/Trophies that you are currently at?

There are lot of experts on this forum who would be able to provide tips, what to improve based on that. Your team, strategy can tell a lot on why you are not winning!!


I like the latter one (which is currently how it is working for me). I feel that way the matches are more challenging and intelligent. Also, the bots earlier used to be too overpowered :smiley:

I understand them having to increase the trophies range difference so as to not time-out. With the matches starting so quickly, I do also agree they could have made the match range dynamic, based on how long the user is waiting (e.g.: Search users with trophies 100+/- for first 15secs, then expand search to 150+/- and so on).


I’m having a hard time just finding matches alone. Only have one incubator at the moment and it’s frustrating. Endless amounts of waiting, waiting, waiting


Yeah i only let my timer run for like 10 sec and ill cancel and rematch…seems to work better than just sittin in load screen plus if i cant use cancel i know its bugged and i need to restart game fast


It’s broken because de-rankers. Use to fight 16-18 dinos now facing every person with 20+ dinos. Lost like 4-5 in a row because of these people.


I don’t like to complain about battles, but if I had to say something I dislike facing players that are putting more money into the game than me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh no that’s me clicking on and off for a good 5 mins when hulu is on lol. Never leave it on more than like 5 secs… usually my games start the min I click it. Maybe I should wait 5 secs longer? My fingers can be impatient sometimes lol


My team and best reserve animals


200 trophies isn’t a big difference. I can actually climb 200 trophies up or lose them in the span of less than an hour. Yes, usually 200 trophies higher will mean your opponent is slightly more powerful but not always. If you only faced people with the same trophy amount as you, then you will have to fight a lot more level 30 bots which is waaay, way worse. I say after the update, the combat matchup system has been greatly improved!


@CARDISpilot1971: Looking at your team, half of it consists of raptors. This would have worked before the 1.3 update but now are easy meat for any tank based team. Anybody with Superiority strike/Thagomizer will be able to overspeed your dinos and kill them in couple of hits!

Team Changes: I understand that based on your location/lifestyle, it might be difficult to catch certain rares/epics, but assumption is commons like Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Euplocephalus etc. are easily available.

  • Remove at least 2-3 raptors from team (especially Charlie).

  • Try using Stygimoloch: make use of it’s capabilities like stun, impact & run.

  • You should start making and putting hybrids on your team: Einasuchus is an easy hybrid with good overall capabilities. Since you already have Stegosauraus, you can start making Stegoceratops if you have enough Triceratops DNA. Target catching more Triceratops.

  • Put/focus on evolving/fusing some Immune creatures. You already have Dimetrodon. Target to get Post Dimetrodon.

  • Tank Destroyers: I see you already have Allo. Try evolving your Gorgosaurus and aim for Gorgosuchus.

  • Nullifying dinos: You can put at least 1 dino with nullifying move like Tany on your team.

Bottomline: Your team needs to consist of a mix of dinos with varying specialities. Go for hybrids and tanks/tank destroyers in current meta.
Try switching the cannons/raptors with above and see if it helps!


i will do what i can. i have no good hybrids yet…and i’m evolving gorgo as fast as i can without buying anything. Trikes don’t show up in wichita falls texas very often…but i gotta try what i can of these…i am winning less than 10 percent now. thanks for the input


honestly i need a t rex. i still don’t have him, and every single time i go up against a team with a tyrannosaur i lose the game.


Triceratops seem really rare over by me too. I had to have my wife scan while I drive around town and tell me when she saw anything with a blue circle and I’d drive over to it.

Don’t put too much faith in your T-Rex, while it is a mighty creature, it is easily destroyed if it gets stun locked or takes one good hit and someone pulls out a raptor. Though that critical hit… can chomp through some dino’s in one hit. My average dino is around 13 so I’m nowhere near end game, but I wanted my T-Rex real bad, and the number of times I use him is really low.


An overpowered Allosaurus, Gorgosaurus, T-Rex Gen2 can be similar/better than original T-Rex, and at the same time easy to find.

With the reports from people who are citing they do not see T-Rex anymore, it might be difficult to find one (and even if you find one, darting it is difficult with it’s random movements and the dart location coming all-over it’s body.) Most of the time, I get creature escaped message for T-Rex which is even more frustrating especially when it escapes even before the end-timer begins.

Even then if you are still bent on finding T-Rex, look around restaurants during daytime (later during day/dusk), spawn nests if you have identified around your area!


T-Rex loves McDonalds. She hangs around there 24/7


A t rex is slow… Use stegosaurus if you have him. Unless your facing a t rex of say level 15 and your only level 8??


i still need to do something…did what i could on the suggestions, limited by my free player status…i’m still losing 9 out of 10 rounds.