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I'll tell you the truth, PvP bores me

I’ll tell you the truth pvp bores me and I’m honest it bores me a lot and it is because I feel obliged to collaborate with my alliance for the painful incubator dbi that the rewards are sad to at least reduce from 10 deaths of creatures to 5 as a suggestion or remove it as requirement of the weekly incubator and put another type of mission that is not something required to do pvp for the dbi incubator and that is something more optional. The other reason why it bores me is because when doing pvp in tournaments the deaths that I get do not count me for the DBI incubator. have the DBI incubator again? I hope they do not listen and respect my opinion and if they already start with opinions like you are lazy doing pvp or you do not know how to play pvp opinions so I tell you that my creatures are specialized in raids and yes. If you speak to you, the one with his super hybrid goal of teporada will speak to you, I remind you that in order for you to have a good Mortem, another player had to have a specific creature in a high-level raid. So more repseto to those of us who only have a good Touramocl to cure them.

If you don’t like battling you should stop the game. Everything in the game centers around collecting resources to improve your battle team. What’s the point if you don’t battle?

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I haven’t battled in a few weeks lol

Just do the bare minimum in pvp it’s not that hard(I think).:slight_smile:

This game is basically a game where you battle for the main part - you collect resources level things up and hope to win .

You won’t win all the time and heck you may even lose alot in a row ,but that should give you the motivation to work on your team to get better .