Ill the first 5 hybrid ideas submitted to me each day

Ill make the first 5 concepts posted on here and wont do any more
*only submit 1 so other people have a chance

Are you going to make it on toolbox? Or are you going to draw it?

Toolbox i might up it i used to have one and it literally got like 30 a day or something so i think 5 is ok for now

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Rexy + monolocevia ( just wanting to see how broken it will be)


um yea? why not???

What is it?

It was I think a mega hybrid from the poll.

Also, my request shall be Segnoraptor + Fukuisaurus.

my request= allorpator + albertsopinos

monolorex shall be the name

If monolocevia is a apex how am i supposed to make it a hybrid. Woth anything


3 more open for today

oops I thought i was saying albertocevia lol tyrannocevia

Oh ok brb with it

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AWSOME perfectly broken


5 for today

Megalosaurus + Thylaconyx

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