I'll try ONE LAST TIME Suggestions

A game is supposed to be funny,entertaining and distract us from the real problems out there.
But right now it feels like its better with the real world problems than be in JWA and trying
to have fun.
My father a pokemon player tried JWA and feeled ecstatic until he realised there is no more fun
in the game and therefore unsuscribed and back to Pokemon.Ofcourse this was from the frustration
of the tournament battles.

On the other hand i’ll try ONE LAST TIME some suggestions to be heard.The only thing i would want
is a Modarator or a Dev just reply under this with an answer.I don’t care about the answer,it can
be < Done >,< Check >,< Cannot happen >,< Passed your ideas >,< We read them > or simply < We don’t
care about your ideas >,i just want to know that someone except the splendid community has read it.

Now some of my ideas are written thoroughly in [MEGATHREAD] Suggestions and good idea’s from active
players - Improvements that make the game even more fun to play
So i will keep the suggestions to minimum depth.

1.Trade or Market menu with FIXED VALUES/transaction only with game
ex. 120 concavenators–>100 kentro with 10 hard cash each transaction
2.Call for Supply Drop
3.Migration every 2 weeks
4.Weather effects should affect with pros or cons some Dinos
5.Scan Drone once per hour to sent it approximately 500 meters around us to scan the territory
6.Predetermined answers to send to other player after a battle …like gg(good game),you were lucky… ,
i like your team… ,ohh so many stuns… etc etc
7.New personal avatars and photos
8.Upgradable Laboratory better fuses
9.Supply Drops it would be nice to have small amount of DNA
10.Capsules less cost in the market
11.There is a solution to the spoofing problem.Let everyone has a special Drone limited to 2 hours
and limited range of 2-3 km around the spot you are at the moment(not to a galaxy far far away).
After that ,everyone has to go outside to the real world.So the people who cannot move can benefit
from this,and all the others could take this 2 hr bonus.
13.MORE SUPPLY DROPS AND SUPPLY DROP EVENTS There are a lot of People who don’t live in big
cities, so make Supply Drop Events spawn at random places everywhere
14.Chatbox for Friends
15.Despawn of Strike Events after completion
16.Upgradable or variety with darts (draining more Dna or stunning the dino,freezing,slowing)
17.Upgradable Drone
18.Comparison tool for our Dinos
19.Training Battles (Fight with a friend with our current teams)
21.Launch Drone Right now we have only the option to launch the drone and play the mini game
to acquire DNA. We should get another option not only to launch but to catch(it will be limited times per day).
So we could have another more difficult and different mini game.If we launch the drone for an Epic,
lets say we dart for 60 Dna. If we try catch and accomplish the more difficult mini game we will get
150 Dna.But if we not accomplish the catch mini game the Dino will escape and get nothing.Its on us
if we should take the risk or not…
22.Missions/Quests (Dart 3 epics,make 10 fuses,dart 10 commons,level a dino etc etc)
23.Missions also give 15m/3h/8h/12h/24h incubators NOT only from Battles (Bloodbath tournament)
24.Spawn Rates UP
25.Emergency Supply Drop Drone It can be activated once per hour,and it will drop darts or capsules
26.VIP If you want more VIP subscriptions raise the benefits
27.New Achievements
28.XP not only for fusing and creating Dinos,but for other stuff like wining in the arena or catching Dinos
29.Coin Limit UP
30.Dodge System (like armor or critical)
31.Evasive and Cloak too RNG,make it have 60% and 70% reduction to damage for 3 turns(can be nullified)
32.Useless INCUBATORS Why not spicy things up.We keep the coins and the darts…but after that every reward will pop up with 2 choices and it will be upon us what we prefer and i believe sometimes will be a dilemma .
ex. 3rd reward on incubator 200 Dna vraptor or tany (we choose), 2nd reward 60 triceratops or dimetrodon ,
1st reward 15 Dna pyroraptor or T-rex The rewards will be our choices!!!
34.Skills (Some Dinos have unlockable skills after a certain level)
36.Excavation Mode (other way to acquire random DNA)
37.Hire Crews it could be an addition to the game to pay some coins to order a specific DNA Dino
(that you can’t find in your Habitat Zone) so after x time the Dna will be delivered to you.
38.Tournamets a bloodbath,great idea But it will make the strong even more powerful .It will be more fair
to have Divisions like 3. And will be measured by our Levels.We all reset to 3500 but 8-12lvl will be in
Division 3 , 12-16 will be in Division 2 and 16-20 will be in Division 1. Every Division Winners will have
separate rewards.First Division 2 player will have the same reward as the last Division 1 player
So the gap will not open,and in the top tier will have different winners because of the competitiveness
39.Optional tournament
40.Two way tournaments the ranked tournament and the one i just want to battle for incubators
41.Matchmaking ± 300 trophies and take consideration of the level ± 1 lvl
42.Despawn Timer appear after clicking the Dino
43.Incubator after killing 10 Dinos make it better or make it have 3 tiers and loop again(like strike towers)
44.Walking should reward you with something(like Dna or incubator),or put a buddy like pocemon
45.Convert Dino DNA for coins
46.Surrender Button
47.Confirmation after trying level a Dino
49.Crafting(capsules or…)
50.A-B-C-D brackets every bracket will have 3 Dinos(total 12),RNG choose one from each bracket to total 4. The Ludia raises coin limit cause we would have to raise 12 Dinos for our team.
51.Sortability options in Dinodex
52.Don’t raise the cap level,so in 2-3 or 4 months to catch up with the top 3 players and then have a real Tournament
53.Solve the Bugs and glitches


54, In-game way to force recheck of the GPS and update map position. Mine and my wife’s biggest frustration.
55. Battling in the wild. Rather than just darting, use a pet dino to strengthen pet even if pet only gains 1 or 2 DNA of its own. Receive a set amount of DNA from defeated creature.
56. Add dino eggs. Collect Dino Eggs, Give generous amounts of DNA for hatching. Could add with walking under speed limit. Egg fusion for fuseable Dinosaur DNA.
57. Dino Tracking. Shows a list of all creatures in a 500 meter radius. Select creature and hit track. Displays distance from creature and you have to start walking/riding to find it before it disappears.
58. Team level base Battles. Pit people against their teams highest level dino rather than trophies so we can play all our dinosaurs.
59. Creatures wander around spawn points. To solve the problem of dinos unreachable in towers, have them wander out from spawn point just on our phones and also help make those just out of reach ones possibly come into reach. Doesn’t matter if shows different on each device. This would make the map more lively.
60. Extended batteries. Like scent capsules. Can either purchase or drop one per day we can use for those times something really good is just out of reach… like at work and I can’t leave.


Hi @Akerond,

We do read all the suggestions coming from the Community! We forward all this information to our Developers and they’ll do their best implement what makes the most sense. Thanks for sharing and do not hesitate to leave us additional feedback on how we can make Jurassic World Alive a better game!


Cool suggestions. I’m sure many of those will be implemented. In the meantime, take it easy. JWA has only been out 4 months.


You have essentially requested that they design an entirely new game. While some of your ideas are relatively simple and I think are doable, ideas like a trading Market are simply terrible and if you search the forums you’ll find many explanations of why. There are quite a few suggestions on your list that are intended to make the game easier to collect DNA, this is not only not what the designers intended when making the game it would be unfair to the players who have put in the work to acquire that DNA the right way. Last but not least you suggested several times a limited approve spoofing mechanic which makes me detest you and not want to read any more of your suggestions because we’ve been over this a thousand times, there’s zero excuse for spoofing


I’m sorry but saying you detest someone because they suggested giving our drone more range is completely over the top and uncalled for! I happen to dislike the spoofing but it is not a completely terrible idea to have a temporary boost on the range of our drones!


Thx Rolybert,but i don’t want to discuss it further and derail the thread.Just to focus on suggestions to make the game better

Don’t know if this was suggested yet but I would love the names of the dinosaurs on the inventory thumbnails


Btw I absolutely love :heart:️ idea 59 above! I hate it when they just stand there out of my range!

I think it would look really cool having all the dinosaurs walking around

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I’d like to see Coins awarded for every dart when your awarded darts on the supply drops and your already at max and can’t receive anymore. i.e. If your at 132 darts and the supply drop gives you 44, you receive 8 darts to bring you up to 140 and the remaining 36 darts are converted to coins at some exchange rate so you would receive 36, 72, or 108 coins. It’s frustrating to have nothing to shoot at, be at 140 darts, pickup a supply box only to get 44 useless darts and nothing else.

Receive small amounts of dna from every dino you defeat in battle in the battle coins that contribute to your battle incubator. i.e. If you kill an Indominus in battle you would get 2 or 3 Indominus dna.

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  1. Every time you fuse your hybrids they get a little stronger instead of only when you level them! Sometimes you are so far away from leveling it will probably never happen so make the Hp and attack go up a point or 2 for each fuse so you don’t feel like you completely wasted your time!
  1. Do something so that when all you get are darts from a drop they go into a pool of some type that for an emergency you can tap into it!

I truly hate it when I get darts and they might as well go in the toilet since I have 140

The easiest way to implement this idea would be if your darts drop to a certain level say 10 or less it would draw from your pool until you get back up to a higher point!

This would help me when I am in my apartment with no plans to go out and I simply want to keep darting dinosaurs within my range for whatever reason! Bad weather usually comes to mind

Hi @Oriondestiny

As @Marcus said, keep’m coming. The Ambassadors have been tasked to collect suggestions each week and compile them into a report for the team!

These are great.


Multiple teams to choose from rather than having to modify one’s current team. It would be nice to set up an all Raptor, Armor, Legendary, Flying, etc. team to swap between before battle - especially for the strike towers.

  1. A button on your map that for X amount of Dino dollars it will change completely all the spawn on your map! Especially the time when I have 5 iguandon! Pay 100 bucks and bam all apatosaurus
  1. Freinds battle we can select any dinosaurs we want without having to modify your team
  1. A 15-20 seconds timer on when the passenger thing comes up for when you are playing while someone else is driving but it is stop and go traffic
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  1. It’s rather impossible,but food for thought.We can make our own hybrids,we select a predefined pattern of a
    dino that Ludia has provided us and we choose 2 or 3 dinos to fuse from.And it will be random what skills we get from the first ability and the second ability etc etc from the pool of the existing dinos we fuse.And attributes at the same way

Can we name them also! Can you imagine the shock when someone comes up against the Rolybersaurus!

All kidding aside that is not a bad idea at all!

I have so many dinosaurs with tons of Dna I will never use! It would be nice to make a use for them

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The problem with the names is that the Devs will spend all their time to check for inappropriate names.