I'll try ONE LAST TIME Suggestions

The point of suggestions is that some can be implemented ever time, I don’t think the OP was suggesting that everything be done at once, his suggestions (the good ones) could be implemented over months, if not years!

Also I am against spoofing, but perhaps have the ability to increase our drones range at the expense of flight time? such as overloading the battery!


great ideas … kudos to your creativity :+1:t4:

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Same thing here. I’ve been on track to capture or collect something and by the time I click out and it refreshes ive lost it or have to reboot

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  1. Red (legendary) and/or green (unique) strike events
  1. a 48h or 72h legendary incubator and/or 144/168h unique incubator
  1. more themes for special events, or every week could be a random week of dinos
  1. Better Themes for Holidays (Summer,Christmas,Easter etc.etc)
  2. Black Market like Takuya mentioned Black Market
  3. Strike Events First of all it will be nice to compete from afar ,and second it is not nice to stand for a long time outside someones house.So give us the option after the first battle not to return to the map but direct us back to the choosing Dinos for the next battle(we will open later the incubators).
  4. Herds What about once in awhile a popup message arrives and says a Herd of Apatosaurus passing through your local zone.And it will be a small circle with 7 commons or 5 rares or 3 epics.Herds would have nothing to do with local spawns.
  5. Paysafe option of payment method
  6. Lures we are in the house and the dinos are out of reach,it will be like capsules,limited time and limited quantities.
  1. Boss battles. Just tried the Ghostbuster game out and it’d add another PvE event and was nice that the game actually told you where and when the boss was going to show up!

  2. Stat comparisons. Click on a dino, hit compare, click another. Boom, easy way to see which is better, your level 17 Gypo or your level 18 Sarcorixis. Hit another button and see what they max out at.

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  1. Matchmaking As for now the matchmaking is ± 450 range trophy.Lots of players including myself have had lots of streak losses of 6-7 or 8 matches in a row.We could prevent that if after 3 consecutive losses the next match (4th one) will pick an opponent from the trophy range of -450 instead of the game researching the trophy range above us.So this will give us the opportunity to face a lower player and stop the streak of losses, and stop the frustration of trying to fill an incubator slot.

I guess it isn’t really viable but I’d like a story mode with battles on route. We’ve got 2D images of Claire and Owen in the game, and that is what it could use.

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story/missions/challenges/quests something like that

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  1. Winter is coming Therefore it would be difficult to stay outside more than 1-2 hours per day.It would be nice to consider to add MORE Supply Drops and MORE Supply Event Drops.I don’t believe you want us to force ourselves to reach the Coin Limit, or you can add more coins to every spin.

  2. Local Zones Apart from the migration that it must happen every 3-4 weeks,it would be nice to make the 4 Zones smaller in Range.Right now most of us ,have to make small trips to find another zone(imagine the players in rural territories ) and with the Winter in our doorstep,it would be more difficult.


I like your # 88. With smaller zones, a migration wouldn’t be as necessary. Fantastic idea!

  1. Hierarchy In alliances we should have more than Leader and members.
  2. Alliance treasury We should put Dna and Coins (not big amounts) and the treasure keeper and Leader could give some in a player in need or maybe coins will be needed to unlock an Alliance Mission
  3. Alliance Missions Goals that all the alliance member can contribute so the alliance get a reward if succeeded (such as ,the alliance must dart 3 Trexs today,or make 10 wins in battles)
  4. Separate Alliance Chat from request Chat
  5. Alliance Leaderboards
  6. Alliance Tournaments
  7. Alliance Store
  8. A leader and the council around him can check the Donation stats for each player or promote and demote
  9. Alliance Strike Towers Every member can contribute so a strike tower is completed and the rewards will be shared
  10. Alliance Raids
  11. Alliance Wars You can challenge an Alliance to war with them,and players from both will participate in a random 1vs1 with their team at lvl 26
  12. Alliance Conquest Mode This gill give more content Depth in Alliances ,territorial,economical and DNA harvesting and Points in Alliance Leaderboard,or alliance cash to make purchases from alliance store

Conquest Mode

  1. More requests in alliance chat
  1. Search by Nationality in Alliances.Not only by name.Because some people would like to join alliances from their country.

  2. Dino Card Game I believe that happened to lots of us : we open the game ,search around the house,find nothing,do a battle (if there is available)and close the game.After 5 minutes we open the game again,search,find nothing useful and starting to scroll down and up the Dinodex ,keep staring at our Dinos. It could be nice to have a simple Card Game with Dinos like Gwent in The Witcher . Something very SIMPLY to keep us busy when we are in the game and have nothing to do.The cards we will get them by spinning Supply Drops, by incubators or buy them in the store.

  1. Scents We all have problems with them.We go to the local zone and we get global spawns.It would be better to have : Global Epic-Global Rare-Global Common
    Local Epic- Local Rare - Local Common
    Park Epic -Park Rare-Park Common (it can benefit the people without parks)

  2. Variety There are Core Dinos that we loved since childhood .Lets take the core Dinos like T-Rex,Anky epic,Stegosaurus common,Pteranodon,Argentinosaurus,Spinosaurus Gen 2 etc etc ,Dinos that we have the option to make them Uniques. Real Dinos battling at the top of the Leaderboard.
    HOW? :
    After reaching level 20 to all of them epic,rare,commons you have to decide to spend the Dna towards a hybrid or press a button to spend towards a unique. example:

T-Rex level 20 ,if you want to make it a Unique you have to spend 3000 trex dna to make it 21. Automatically T-Rex gets 109 speed and two more ability moves.After that T-Rex will need 2000 more Dna for 22 level and so on…

Result: Variety with real Dinos and Hybrids at End Game.

  1. Hunting scents. If you want trex it will tell where the nearest 1 has spawned (such as how many metres away and what direction) and you have 20 minutes to get to it. If you get there in time (i.e in 10 mins) you have 10 mins to get to the next 1. Though when the scent ends you can still find the trex if it doesnt despawn and you find where it was sending you.

You can do this with any dino so you might need a scent section with every dino and a price for them.


I think we should be awarded coins regardless of winning or losing a match.
100 Coins Per Dino Defeated.
Trophy gain/loss stays the same, Incubator award stays the same. It would help ease the sting of a losing streak, since losers get nothing AND lose trophies.

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Those are amazing ideas! Hope they use them eventually :slight_smile:

OMG so it was YOU! :scream_cat::scream::weary: lol
Aside from this one, I think your suggestions are really good and hope they get implemented eventually :slight_smile:

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