Illegal Stat?

I’ve seen this phrase tossed around a little bit and I am curious what it means. Like what makes a creature’s base speed, health, and attack illegal; what is the upper limit for each? I would appreciate it if someone could explain this to me.

The individuals saying those statements are under the assumption that a creatures stats must be divisible by a multiplier of 150. They base it of an “official rule” by ludia which is not proven.

Theres nothing illegal going on. Just people who think theres some sort of rule how a creatures stats should be.


There is also a ‘rule’ about damage values having to end with either 00 or 50 while Tanycolagreus has been breaking this rule ever since 2.0


It’s just someone believes and claims to be a rule.

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Does anyone know where this rule is possibly mentioned by the devs?

Not even the person who insists it’s a rule was able to provide that info just that it was cause there is evidence.


These used to be how stats were back then. very random but it was more fun