This snek is illegal

Look closely….

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*confused glaring *


Can you show pictures of it facing sideways aswell?

Is it the way it is curled?

The snake does not spawn normally in the wild. Not can you get it through a stirke event.

Yet he has it without fusing for it.

So in short he has an illegal snake, because he did not get it in anyway how he should have.


Oh ok. (Ten character limit)

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Just so you know I actually got from an event a year ago where I darted it and Purutaurus.

:point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

also part of the most recent anniversary event. I sill have the scents and majundaboa can spawn from them. not to mention im pretty sure it had an incubator for sale.


1 less attack then it should have lol

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Funny haha story here: basically today a few hours after I saw this post, I encountered a titans gen 2 and fused it to TRY and make majund but well… I got tens. I hate my luck (I had two chances)

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Ok can I just say your new profile pic is cool but terrifying at the same time


Actually the attack is un changed

Thank you! It’s spooky month so I thought it would fit well


Ah now it makes sense

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