Illogical tournament

I would like to complain about the functioning of tournaments like that of the Titanoboa. I find it scandalous and disrespectful that the people who started the game yes whobont resumed a few weeks ago are confronted with the big spending pigeons of the game from the start! It doesn’t really mean anything! How do you want a new player with average dinos and who goes to great lengths to beat a damn turtle at level 29 for example !!! I have heard many people complain about this and I also wanted to share it. Ludia if you see this message, think about reviewing your functioning in the game, I think that the confirmed players should compete only between them and the others also! You only have to do tournaments for whales and tournaments for those who do not have the same level. Anyway, I strongly doubt that I will be listened to because here it is the more you pay the more you earn, never anything for others. To continue like this you will end up losing most of your players because it is also the case on Dragon Titan Uprising !!

They don’t. Based on your team strength, you will be rewarded.
If you’re arguing that Titanoboa should be the reward to a skill tournament, you’re not the only one.

Still, Ludia is entitled to do whatever they want. There’s no relevant measure of fairness here. Whatever Ludia does goes.

Still, giving them your feedback is important.

At just 32 trophies I’m already top 20,000
Just win a single battle and it’s worth it.
I don’t get it.

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At least the tourney is free

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