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I'm...4 shot by a BOT

So I choose to fight a bot!

Would have been a great battle if the BARD did not crit and kill 4 times in a row.

Seems a bit fishy to me that a Bard does that type of damage four times in a row.

Is this common when playing bots??

Yes. I typically fight lvl 18 bots and they have the ability to wipe my team before I can even go if the line up is right. Post update, they are monsters.

It seems like the bots proc the red dice and Crit way more often than I do.

Bots always proc 90% time. Your procs reduced to 10%. Those numbers might be a slight exaggeration. I don’t know the actual numbers. My warlock had bots held, and failed to proc 75% move: random ranged attack. 5 times in a row. Then immobile wore off and I died. So I’ll never know how many times in a row I would have been cheated. It also seams the cheating increases even more if you start pulling ahead in the match. Dominated characters also have the ability to know who is going to cure them. They make sure to attack them plus all other bots pile on.

… and this is why I hit the “wait” button, now 2 to 3 times, in order to get a human. Not too many of us left judging by how many rounds of waiting I do!

Unfortunately if u wait you get a team that is vastly higher on trophies (at least I do).

It shouldn’t be called wait as that implies you are waiting for someone in your league

You wouldnt expect the electricity company to come on the phone line when you’ve agreed to wait for your internet provider :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah true - my wait generates people of vastly different trophy count - but not just higher - it is sometimes 1k less than me (where I feel rotten for the other player and just try to end it quickly).

Revel in it - that’s the only thing in PvP that keeps me sane :wink:

Where is this “wait” button in PVP? I keep hearing about it but I don’t see anything other than "cancel " on my recently updated (yesterday) version.

If the app is having difficult locating a suitable match you will be provided the opportunity to battle a bot or wait for a real player. I believe this is what was mentioned above.