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Im a bit confused

So, I got tuoramoloch and monolorhino. Im a bit confused as to what to go for next? I want to take indo and tuora off my team, but I dont have anything for it. I dont wanna use mono (for obvious reasons,) and pho is unviable thanks to the rampage and run being a two turn delay. I cant go tryko or dio because im missing DNA, i dont have enough for ardentis either. Help!

Maybe some non-meta options? I really dont wanna run a generic team. my goal is just to get to mid library, mayyyybe gyrosphere.

I’d say just start stockpiling and build creatures for raids, will really come in handy later

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ive been doing that for a while now, but thanks.

You’re gonna need Max, Gem, Tuo, and maybe Thor if you really wanna start progressing, than you can build dual usage creatures (My Max and Mortem come to mind) and then build you’re arena team from that

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keep working on tuora if you can. top 2 best healer in raids.
as for other creatures to work towards: spyx for a cunning to replace indo. Dio is useful in plenty of raids as well as arena, but is hard to level if you’re working on tuora as well. grypolyth is going to be a near must have soonish as it beats lux and can punish a magnus swap in/ prevent it from leaving.

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Alright, i can try it, spyx is gonna take a LONG time though, I have like 1 fuse of spinonyx.

Dio might be getting a raid soon, so it might not be as hard

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Wait, did GP go datamining again?

Edit: No they didn’t, kind of disappointed, but how did you know?

I thought it was leaked? Also its just a possibility. I dont actually know, which is why I put might.

i would try fusing magna, i am just crazy and im going for tryo and magna for some crazy reason. i would go for lania

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