I'm a location spoofer. HEAR ME OUT!

I understand how you can think I’m evil and the scum of the internet. However I’m not as bad as you think. I’m not asking for pity, I’m asking for improvement. I’m a handicapped person, I spend all my time in a wheelchair and I live in a rural area. My family Very rarely takes me with them when they travel because I understand how I can be a bit of a burden.Very rarely does something spawn near me. I love the Jurassic park series, I have since I was little and I’ve played every Jurassic park related game I can get my hands on, and JW alive is a game I love, I love the concept, the graphics, and the mechanics of the game. But this game was not made for people in my situation, and I understand if most of you don’t care. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS that I don’t have wildly insane dinosaurs, I don’t even have anything other than 2 epics (which I got from the AMC theatre promotion without spoofing) higher than level 9. My arena is still Mt. Sibo. I would appreciate a civil comment section please


Totally understandable. Like I’ve been saying there shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach towards spoofers. Now that we’ve received a formal warning I think cases like yours should be excused. Folks that have spoofed once or twice should have a minor punishment while habitual spoofers that have cheated their way to the top without a genuine excuse should be reset. Just my 2 cents. I’m still waiting for Ludia’s reply. I’ve literally spoofed just once cause someone told me its an easy way to get dinos (and I didn’t know it was illegal since this is my first serious mobile game and I didn’t even know what spoofing meant till I joined this forum). I hope I don’t lose months of hard work for one mistake. All the best.


Respect for playing with a wheelchair! I hope luck smiles on you and bring you your favourite dinos :muscle:


:crying_cat_face: I wish u the best, that must be tough


Almost no one(it is the Internet) would object to the game being thoughtfully developed. To be fair to play where ever you are. To be fair and inclusive to all health situations.

It just has to be exclusively done by the developer and with the same TOS for everyone. Spoofers are an active community that kill games. Hacking multiplayer games and changing them so they are easier for some can’t be a starting point.


In some cases spoof is understandable
1—Not everyone have parks nearby, event supply drops only show on parks unfortunatly… Example: the park nearby me is 3km away from my home and its not even recognized as park on JWA so the oficial nearby park of my home is 10km away with only 1 event supply drop that means a huge disadvantage,
Yeah it s*cks i now,and believe me petrol here have the price of gold i wasted more then i should already for hunting some dinos,specially carnotaurus
2–i live in a litlle village with 20 homes ± :sweat_smile: i dont even have a normal supply drop nearby me,spawns are very very rare
I still play this game cus i really love it otherwise i would stop long time ago
Im hopping devs increase the supply drops here and add event supply drops outside of parks


I understand your situation. I’ve got Hodgkin plus brain tumor using high doses morphine so no car driving most days I’m not able to walk a short distance.
I understand why you did spoofing me I never did I was thinking about it but never started to spoofing.
It is hard but when the game was out shortly I read that Ludia made JWA for people who not can or want walking like on Pokemon. I. .That way I start playing JWA. Being outside is healthy but not everyone can.
I have respect for you I wish u all the best. And I wish that Ludia can make something for people like us like ok no distance than pay with coins. Something like that.


Honestly, Ludia could make a handicapped version of the game which could only be downloaded with a note from a Doctor that would allow limited GPS movement within a certain range of the user. This would keep them from ranging all over the world picking up hard to get DNA, but still allow them to play. Ludia could even turn on a few extra towers and a small park area within that proscribed distance.

I think the entire community could get behind something like that, and it would be fabulous PR for Ludia as well.


I agree with the comment about Ludia possibly creating stops and event locations near users who have some medical handicap that prevents them from being able to travel, but only if they get an official medical release. That way, they can say “no location spoofing” across the board while still allowing those who cannot travel to enjoy the game.
That seems a fair solution.


I’m completely sympathetic to your situation… but my thoughts are that if you aren’t mobile, a mobile game is not the game for you.

To ask a mobile game developer to develop a mobile game to be played while not mobile is to ask them to design against their purpose. (and when I say mobile game, I don’t mean a game designed for a mobile device simply as an app, but mobile in the literal sense of the word where it is designed to be moving out and about in the real world since it is map and gps based)

When I didn’t have internet… I couldn’t play my favorite franchises MMO game. I just couldn’t… not their fault, I just couldn’t… so I didn’t, but when I was visiting my brother I played on his account and got a little bit of a fix.

While I can definitely see how spoofing would enable you to enjoy the mobile game while not being physically able to be mobile, I can also understand if the developer doesn’t want to allow people to do so out of fairness to all players, even if someone doesn’t abuse the advantage.

It’s a tough call that a developer has to make.

My best wishes to you and your family OP.

Edit: Maybe you and a family member can tag team on the game together? That family member can go out and hunt dinosaurs and spin Supply Depots and then you can level, merge and create the dinosaurs and fight in the arena to level up and earn the Incubators?


Wow where are all the cheating is cheating and handicapped people should not play folks at?

Personally I was getting tired of them!

I don’t like people that have no sympathy for others.


Disabled people can still play, they just cant level up as fast as you’d want. You still get arena incubators. Over 5,000,000 people have downloaded this game in just the few months that it’s been out. You can’t possibly expect ludia to handle everyone individually to determine if they are legitimately handicapped or not.

Also, when you spoof you can get so many dinosaurs that there’d be no reason to ever buy an incubator, so it is partly a business decision as well.


I personally don’t like people that think they can bend the rules or think they are the exception to the rules.


Agree that exceptions can and should be made. I don’t know how these GPS programs work but if you “travel” at a normal speed then it should be fine. But no exceptions if someone jumps across the county to grab epics.

I agree whole heartedly that you cannot have exceptions to the rules. Such exceptions could only be done under some strict guide lines and only case by case. Such a thing would be incredibly difficult to orchestrate and would still exclude people and make them unhappy.

In all honesty the GamingBeaver came up with the most sensible solution to the issue and that is to segregate all spoofers into their own league.

This would mean that those legitimate players would only ever play against others and would only appear on the leader board. Likewise all those that spoof the game would only ever play against people who have the same advantages as them. This would create a level playing field for both and allow people to play the game the way they want to.


I started the game as Ludia told the game would be able for people who can’t or want. or had no opportunity to walk as like Pokemon. So I was starting to play I had a stop at my front door now many stops are moved or disappeared in my area. I have contacted Ludia personal about it and still waiting for a answer…
I’m still playing and I’m not asking for special treatment. My frustrations is that the stops events and the game beginning more an more similar to Pokemon if I knew that before I was not start to play.
I’m not a person who want special treatment or attention but there are many people that started the game like me when Ludia in the very beginning told it’s gonna be Nott similar to Pokemon it’s perfect possible to play at office home whatever. It’s not I’m lazy. And yes a the moment take my partner my phone to go outside. It’s frustrating that some people says play another game well I have played many games.
If Ludia was clear that you really need to outside for eventi never started. That people want to go outside I understand but there are many like me who now barely can level and gets DNA give us then the opportunity to buy DNA with coins. And not that stupid money who can spend d 50 or 100 $\€?

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Blame the whiny nerds in these forums for having to cry about people spoofing as if it really affected them (it doesn’t) to only get it patched and then people like you either banned or now unable to play the game to your liking. Good luck though.


Spoken like a true cheater.


No offense but you’re playing jurassic Alive, I honestly, no one cares. I mean no offense by it, but locations spoofing is a much bigger offense in Ingress, a real location based game. Basically I’m saying if you are gonna spoof, this is the game to do it in. P.S How do u do it?

This is a game for kids, you are not going to get that serious r u?