I'm a passenger warning


If we click on we are a passenger when playing the game, I don’t think it should ask you as frequently as this has made me miss dinos and supply drops.

Please can this be changed or better still, have an option for us to enavle/disable to let the game know we are a passenger in a mode of transport.


I’ve clicked I’m a passenger more than any dinosaurs… Would like dna for clicking that


Yes please. It should be enough if the game warns once per hour, at most.


The simple fact that developers allow the game to be played at all while moving at a high speed should be good enough. People who are driving can select “ima passenger “ and play behind the wheel. I’m surprised the developers allow the game to continue over 5 mph.


It is true the deveopers should make it difficult to play while driving. But I have had to confirm that I was a passenger while sitting on a toilet, so the system is somewhat problematic.


I have no problems with it. While commuting it will appear occasionally and I click it away. Then I can play the game normally.


Yes but I get this dang message if I WALK too fast as a speed walker I’ve had to slow down or I get I constantly.

And yesterday I swivelled to fast in my office chair and got the message…point is I’m not on a car either time. It’s hilarious.


I get this warning sitting down in my home when I first login the game… I think Chris Pratt just loves my attention.


I think you need a new toilet


I agree it comes up way too frequently. Maybe reduce it down to once every 15 or 30 minutes? I never play while I’m driving, hubster and I just take turns driving. When I’m alone I drive to places catch some and drive to another place. No phone app, text message or phone call is worth a life.


What about those of us taking mass transit? That usually goes over 5 mph, lasts a long time, and we don’t have another mode of transportation…


Agreed, if they disable it for anything over say 10 MPH those of us who typically play while going to and from places are screwed :frowning: Let’s hope they don’t limit it.


Am sad it does not give me a driver option, sometimes when am at the driver seat (in a parking lot) it asks it too. It even asked one time when i was sitting in the break room at home if i was playing while driving…


What about people who cycle from Dino to Dino? I do that, cause it’s so much better than walking, and I get the warning pretty frequently, because I just glance at the map to see where to go, but when the warning comes up, I need to let go of the steering and click “im a passenger” and that’s where things get dangerous.
Also, I would like to play while I use public transport…


My hubby and I have both gotten the warning while sitting on the couch, because we’ve moved the phone too quickly when gesturing.
I agree - can we please sign a waiver or something that allows us to turn this warning system off?
It doesn’t really stop people from using the app while driving and it just annoys us passengers who are being responsible! :blush:


Sorry. I don’t think it’s Ludia’s responsibility to keep us safe. Especially if we are adults playing - It’s up to
Us to be responsible and play in a safe manner. I understand not everyone believes that - especially if they get hurt and need to blame someone else, but surely Ludia can put in a legal form which players sign stating that any injury or accident sustained while playing in an unsafe manner leaves Ludia liability free. Simple as that - everyone is happy!


I ride a bicycle around collecting dinos and loot, that passenger pops up for every stop and start. Jogging just as bad. If your going faster than 20 pop up once. Or enough to protect the games libility.


This passenger warning is completely pointless. Sane people don’t play while driving and crazy people drive and play and ignore the warning anyway. It’s just a pointless annoying feature of the game which should be removed.


I love reading this thread. I hear the IaP while stationary is annoying… But that’s the phone/GPS guessing based on position change that your speed is XX. JWA accesses the speed/location data and pops the warning.

What a better option to the Mass Transit? If Ludia doesn’t flag it, then I can play while driving. But that’s a legal violation, at least in USA. I assume in my countries that is the same. Ludia does want to put us all at potential risk, reinforce bad behavior, or take any liability. Instead of the IaP warning, maybe they just lock the app for safety sake? Now bikes, Mass transit riders, and fast walkers can not use their game. Is that better?

I’d think no. Based on GPS/location alone additional input is needed to determine driver/passenger.
As to the “too frequently” point, if Ludia backed the warning from current to dismiss for YY minutes, then.whats the point of the IaP warning?
Seat belts are annoying and I have driven thousands of miles without accident, but we should use them.
Wearing PFDs are annoying while canoeing I’ve never needed rescuing, but I’ll wear it.
You shouldn’t dive head first into a shallow pool. I know how to safely, but you still won’t.see me do in unless there is an absolute reason.

IaP should not be deactivated, should not be dismissed for YY minutes.
Complaining how annoying it is will not warrant change. You are in good company with the warning being annoying. But it is necessary, just tap the button to clear. It’s almost too easy to bypass if I am the driver, but it puts the ownous on me.


Okay. We get it. Ludia loves us and wants to keep us safe and yes people don’t think, so someone else has too. I just posted here because I found it comical that moving too fast or sitting still you get this message, but the toilet just tops all! :rofl: