I'm a passenger


Missed my first trex spawn ever because I’m a passenger? Even tho I’m chilling by river fishing


That must of been a monster fish to pull you across the lake at a speed to be picked up by the phone!


I’m by a river


They need to sort the gps out


My 8 year old:

Dang it Owen! I hope your crappy cabin falls on you and then Blue eats you.


Fair. :rofl::rofl::rofl: (20characters)


Thanos already took care of the dirty work.




Eating him is extreme! Just bite off his arms and legs an put him on your floor! Than his name becomes Mat!

If you toss him in your pool his name becomes Bob!

Place him in your mailbox at the beginning of the month! You guessed it! His name is Bill!

Okey dokey that’s enough dad jokes for now :joy::joy:

I can’t resist one more

If blue only bit off one leg and he was a girl her name would be Eileen!


Why do they even let you catch as a passenger when it’s so laggy and glitchy while the car is moving you cant catch anything? Stop loading assets behind the darting session!


Believe it or not if you are moving in a car and you launch the drone it will lock in your position and you can wait and start darting! Just don’t touch the screen until you are ready because once you start the battery start counting down as soon as you release the first time!


Ive found Trex spawns almost TOO much so dont worry, youll get plenty of chance, Ive found as many as 5 in a day and I dont even play much.


Maybe it is specific to my phone, but it continues to load gps assets behind the drone session. While im darting the dino it becomes incredibly laggy and almost unplayable. I wish it locked the gps and let me just dart as you said, but it doesnt. I also wish i had the vibration notification when dinos pop up underneath me. I dont have that either but my wifes phone does. For info, i’m on an iphone 8+ while she is on a 7+. Mildly frustrating stuff.


I also play on an 8 plus and mine vibrates and works just like I said! Sorry I’m at a loss on this one


Try this! Go into settings and maps and you will see something that says preferred transportation type

Mine is set to driving also I have it set to location while using app

Also check your notifications and go into JWA I have it set to everything is turned on and I have it as temporary you might want to try persistent! Also at the bottom the preview is set to always


Regarding the vibration missing on your phone. Go into your phone’s settings and find where the app permissions are, then make sure you choose to display ALL the permissions. It’s likely that somehow one or more permissions are missing to enable the vibration.


Sometimes it tells me I am a passenger when I am sitting on my couch with my dogs!


when not moving and it gives you that error, go into your phone settings then search for update PRL. your gps is not accurate if it’s not latched onto the strongest tower, which happens if your phone thinks it’s roaming.