I'm about to give up. Suggestions to prevent that

Warriors grind has ground me down. I have all heroes at level 10 and 3 at 11. The prospect of continuing to level up is now to the point of nauseating.

Some suggestions (some repeats)

  • Give XP by kill, not by room alone. Allow me to strategize my kill shots to favour progress for a given character

  • Fix this exponential increase in strength and damage for NPCs that makes it suddenly impossible to win a room after a point…it actually seems to have gotten worse since recent updates. I used to be able to get through challenges to rooms 24 and 12 readily…that is less common now with stronger characters.

  • the “Dragons” part is covered in the fights (which are painfully repetitive). How about the ‘Dungeons’? The best part of the actual game (IMHO) was puzzles and traps, not combat. Could we not add some really cool puzzles to solve while moving from room to room from which items and XP (good XP) could be earned?

At the higher levels, there seems to be no change or opportunity to earn the XP necessary to advance at a reasonable and exciting rate. It is simple math…From level 11 to 12, I need 8500 points to level up. At somewhere between 80-100 points per challenge with 20-25 rooms to earn that, do I really need to grind through 2500 fights to level up?


Hey Zorno, thanks for sharing your feedback with us, I have passed them along to our team. If you have any more ideas or suggestions in the future, do not hesitate to tell us!

Thanks Ned…will do.

What would be best would be an acknowledgement of some effort to reduce the grind.

Even if the higher challenges had better payoff, it may be a good start. For example, after 20 rooms or 5 bosses in challenge 1, you get 83 XP points or around 16 per boss. In challenge 2, room 12 or boss 3 is 52 or about 17. This is disproportionate to the challenge in level 2. More fitting would be to see something like room 24 in challenge 1 and room 12 in challenge 2 match at a total of around 100 XP. (Without increasing current difficulty of foes). Couple this with daily fatigue being fight based and not XP based, and one could actually be incentivized to fight the higher level challenges in hopes of levelling up faster…right now, it does not matter what level you play (substantively).

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more so then the grind…it’s the lack of effort to make the grind interesting.

from what i can tell it would take years to grind high enough to complete the story mode, 99.9% of challenge results after you have epic gear is worthless junk, the gold trickles out so slow you can never upgrade, and in 2 months of grinding 1 legendary has dropped for me and it was for a character i didn’t even care about, thus I’m never exited about anything.

but what do you do when you get the legendaries…nothing…because you now have zero options in how to play the characters, zero choices, and likely are still too weak to do story mode…

if you want my advice, you need to aim the drops at the party you are leveling up, give more daily quests to keep us engaged in a variety of things, increase chest slots to 6, lower common chests(which are worthless and is another way to force gems out of the player) to 1 hour, lower how much exp it takes to level, give guaranteed legendaries for renown 9+, reduce difficulty to complete the story mode, challenge mode needs a few extra bonus rooms…secret rooms with a small chest are nice, but I want things like optional boss rooms that give more exp and gold, or maybe a room that heal you, or gives you a buff.

somethin to make it feel like you are exploring a dungeon a little bit.