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Im actually gonna get indo?


Like, Holy heck! 5 unique attempts! I alredy have 105 DNA for Indoraptor just by darting! I don’t even have a lvl 20 velocirapor! Im seriously gonna get Indoraptor by just darting it! Thats neat I guess… If u think about it… you could get a free unique! Imagine that you get a minimum at 50 DNA per darting. 50x all five of the attempts = 250 DNA! Cool! A free unique! (If u have darting skills!)


Same here! My Velociraptor is still only level 16. I only have 97 DNA for Indo, though. :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t recommend you going for Indo. It’s the easiest unique to create, so you’ll get there just by darting raptors
Go for tryko or erlidom!


I’m mainly going after Indo since I’m a terrible shot in this game. I have 97 DNA already, so I have more room for error. I might dart Trykosaurus first just to see how well I do, though. I’m pretty much guaranteed to get the average I need for Indoraptor if I mess up too badly on Tryko.


If this is true, I’m going for Trykosaurus since it’s the unique that I’m the furthest from being able to create. My Ankyntosaurus is only at level 16 and I’m using my Ankylosaurus DNA (which I don’t get often) on Rajakylosaurus. When they have had legendary and unique creatures earlier I have darted on average 60–65 DNA (no VIP), so I hope these are about the same difficulty to dart.

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If it’s okay, it’s really cool


I’m 2 DNA away from maxing out my Indoraptor (thank you 10 DNA fuses! :rage:), so I’m concentrating all my attempts on Thor-leveling ingredients and Trykosaurus-creating ones. Commons will be all Velociraptor though, as I have tons of Tarbosaurus and Allosaurus in my area.


If that’s real then Imma get Erlidomimus :smile:


On the other hand, what would truly suck, is if you failed to dart 250 and yet still light years away from adding to that to create the unique. Like being stuck in limbo with nothing to show for it. So perhaps stay away from that situation… unless you really feel lucky.


I hope so by now. There’s alrwady been 3 or 4 free attempts given away. Everyone should have indo lol


Indo, isn’t that easy to create, considering you need 4K velo for each fuse might be the best value darting plan.
With my darting ability I believe I could go from lvl 25 to 27.

Given my velo average of raptor @250.
That would save me from having to find and dart 5600 raptors. Not raptor dna but raptors total.

Perhaps Hersh is someone smart could check my math🤗


You need 2k raptor DNA per fusion.
I know Indo is not easy to create, but it’s definitely the easiest unique to create.


So 2000 raptor dna is all you need to fuse indoraptor?

Try again.


Should (hopefully) take 1 try to get indo for me since I have 206 already thanks to previous darting and lucky fuses. Then I’ll get as much as I can towards thor.

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