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I'm already starting to bother

I’m tired of it, I spent a lot of money, I wasted my time, I lost the creatures and I can’t win a damn battle because it takes me out of the game, I’m sick of them lying, I thought they would seriously fix the interruptions of the battle, and the only thing that there are more errors, obviously I am not going to uninstall the game but stop lying and do it seriously, at this rate you could lose thousands of players, it is very annoying

Ur not the only one
m8 happened to me.

Are you using an older device? How full is your storage? Have you cleared your cache lately? Are other programs running in the background? What about your Internet connection?

All of these issues can severely impact gameplay. And, unfortunately for you, since most players are not complaining about constant crashes, the problem is more likely on your end than on Ludia’s. This game is a resource hog, so if your device is a little old and outdated, there could be severe issues


^ this

JWTG is the only game on any of our tablets that gives us any sort of problems pretty much ever. My kids play various online interactive games on their tablets all the time with no issues but JWTG is super picky about everything especially things that Andy already highlighted, various free storage/memory, internet connection it all matters a great deal on this game.

Your problem could be something pretty simple and or something you would never think would be an issue.

I share this story all the time but for whatever reason PvP won’t work on my 5ghz wifi signal, it only works on the 2.4ghz signal. Makes no sense but it happens.

Good luck


Welcome to the forum @Matsaago_Robby

First of all, my phone is something modern, discarded.
Memory? Well, all right, I delete the WhatsApp messages that do not serve me to keep it at bay, I also do something else like delete photos that do not serve, discarded.
Cache? Also very good, I keep it so clean that sometimes the only cache comes from the game jurassic world, also discarded.
Internet? It is not the best but if it is normal it has its mistakes but not many

and I don’t usually use background programs when I play Jurassic world the game

Now I calm down a bit, although it still frustrates me that because of these errors I have not been able to obtain the kaprosuchus gen 2, which would be the second generation of one of my favorite prehistoric creatures (in addition to the hyperodapedon, spinosaurus, pliosaur and megatherium)

I’ve had a lot of problems like this lately. If I restart my phone, I’m able to have a good run without issues until I open up a bunch of other apps and try playing later.

I’ve had some unusual locking up issues on my iPad recently, that I have to keep restarting the game to get it moving again. No problems on my Android phone.