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I'm an Arena dropper after all


Imposed by force… Happy to have reached the Aviary a few days ago, and almost knocked back down to Ruins today, having to face things like this.

Battles in arenas are totally chaotic, worse than during the end of tournaments. And we keep saying every single day that the matchmaking is terrible… Ludia guys if you don’t do something about that and just give us events like this you’re not rewarding most skillful or hardworking players and Alliances, but the most rascal and smart-ace ones. Please, think about that.


Lockwood really is something else in terms of what you face… sometimes i end up in avairy and sometimes im a battle or two away from ruins.

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This is why I haven’t battled in a week.


It’s funny because some people drop arenas for the challenge and get ignored and then there’s those who get overpowered so many times and drop and then are accused.


I don’t think the guy in the OP’s picture got overwhelmed and just dropped. Plus, this event absolutely directly has resulted in so many people clearly dropping just to pick on weaker players. It’s an absolutely awful event.


It’s a terrible joke, that’s what it is… I spent the past weeks around 4400-4600… started dropping on Friday and now I’m at 4100, still facing dinos at higher level… I totally understand people who stop playing battles at times like these.


I just posted a similar topic, though opposite circumstances.
I was all for this event on the 1st, but not now. This is just sad…


Yeah but those dropper will soon be back up there… Trust me, I know. They are running over me


I normally stabalize in that same trophy range… but honestly if someone asked me my trophy number id say lockwood… cause at any time i can be anywhere in lockwood. Last tournament i hit avairy the first day camped the rest of the tourney… i wont do that again for skoola dna but i have no regrets for doing it for erlik. The two week break was nice.

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Yeah, I’m not looking forward to it.

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I’d say that too… I actually had established that my place is at around 4300, cause that’s where I started facing opponents at my level again, sometimes a little higher, sometimes a little lower… but now I’m like, facing opponents of upper lockwood at 4100 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah im currently at 4199… lol

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I battled the last 2 weeks around 4900 without real difficulties. Hard but good battles :). Three hours after the start of this we challenge, I lost 8 battles in a row with 200 trophies down, against absolute monsters I didn’t face at 4900 XD. And it goes on and on… I think the same as you guys, it’s incredible to see that what could be a cool idea turned to a pure insanity, due to probably massive players dropping XD. And for a really tiny reward… so it’s simple : I just make enough battles to fulfill my daily missions and just stop after it and forget about this crazy rush. What the interest of looking at my team just being destroyed by killers who obvisouly belong to higher levels ? No interest at all, no lesson learned in battles and no chance to help my alliance to enter top 50 with absolute addictive players who play all day long… and against monsters droppers. Sorry for you guys, I’m not complaining on my own, I had to much stress and rage since wednesday and don’t want this affect my interest for the game. I just accept this madness we cannot do anything about and wait for the beginning of the new tournament. Of course I won’t play on first day : I’ll let the droppers spread their devastation with their A-team on the way to recover their former place XD. Good luck to you all :wink:


I’m at 4800ish and when this challenge was announced I feel like i clipped a bunch of the droppers. Teams of sub level 6 for all their dinos but the player was level 20.

Really hope ludia thinks about how players will go about challenges in the future because encouraging low level bullying isn’t ok.


That my friend, is wishful thinking.

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Had never really thought of dropping, did not see the point, until this weekend - and not for the competition. I lost battle after battle. Went from 4200 to 3600 pretty quick.

So I ended up dropping all the way back to Badlands from Lockwood. The battles were just getting silly. Even on my way down I was coming across super-high level dinos where they should not have been. Badlands is great. Hot, but it’s a dry heat :wink:

Anyway, will allow me to play some level 12 to 15 dinos in my kit that I would like to try out.

BTW - When I dropped I never let it time out and actually battled. Except for the few times the game crashed on me (sorry anyone who was waiting on me).

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Would be smart to sit out the day before tournament too, cause of climbers.

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This week is going to be a cluster. With the tournament starting in Thursday they are going to re-set everyone’s trophies and all those droppers are going to want to get back up before the tournament starts. Good thing we have good dinos to focus on and maybe take our minds off the arena.


Playing a level 10 team in the 3rd arena is nice. I only loose 2 battles in a row at the most and then get an easy bot for a win and an incubator. My win/loss ration hangs right around 50%. I hang in the 1100 to 1250 range. I’ll just hang here till I get bored with the 30 level 10 dino’s I have to choose from.


I’m close to it. Was at 4952 last Tuesday, highest I’ve ever been. Now sitting at 4544. Been rough RNG. Hell, dropped 200 trophies even before the tournament.