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I'm Angry


I just lost 4 battles in a row, dropping far, far away from 3.5k Throphys, (I was at 3.4k before) these losses has taught me one thing, I need Thor. I will dedicate hours, upon hours to get Thor. I won’t battle until I have Thor, and when I battle…there will be blood… I will get past 3.5k Throphys, even if it takes me an entire year…it will be broken and I will break it :smiling_imp:


Don’t hold your breath.

Just got mine a little over an hour ago. I spent the next hour battling (some 20 battles) to use it. I finally got it on my team for the first time 10 minute ago. I was excited, used it when I felt it was right.
It didn’t crit
It didn’t stun.

I took a deep breath and put my phone down before I broke something.

Oh yeah, this was on top of 18 10s when fusing it


You don’t need Thor in order to progress. There are plenty of dinosaurs to use. I don’t have Thor and i’m currently at 3700.

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Well that was a depressing read. :disappointed_relieved:

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Well, I sure as heck don’t know what I need to advance then, literally every battle I do, I get beat. I’ve tried switching out dinos and I’ve even leveled up Rajakylosaurus up to 18 to use him and that didn’t work.


Can confirm, he is a beast. Highest level on my team because it’s one of the easiest uniques to level, and is just so frightening.


Lol, sorry. I still think its a wonderful dino.

Mines just been nothing but a pain for me. Lol


That pose just makes me think that it stepped on a lego and is screaming at the top of his lungs lol


His poor chicken legs :joy:



Can confirm he loves his Rat-O-Snacks


just kidding. i went the utarinex route instead. thor is only 24.


thor and the rat certainly do have an interesting relationship :joy:
who can eat who first? :thinking:

erlidominus and the rat too


Who was the devil that threw a bunch of Legos in the ocean?

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We’re here to see the rat die. Now I’m angry!!!:rage::rage::rage:

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Am I like the only person here that plans on having both Dracoceratops AND Thor? Yes? I’ll be over there doing my own thing, then…


i’ll try to get a screen shot of the next time i swoop with spino and it goes to dracocera that rampages nothing :joy: has happened twice today already. impact and run too



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At that point @Jonus and I will be disowning you :wink::blue_heart:

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